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Downtown San Diego tattoo shop says thief stole $20k in property

By Madison Weil,


SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) — Surveillance video appears to show a thief breaking into a tattoo shop in downtown San Diego.

Employees at Black and Grey Atelier say the thief stole upwards of $20,000 in machinery and supplies early on Saturday morning. The shop is located on 15th and Market St.

“Things were out of place…specific things as in tattoo machines, stencil makers, needles to tattoo,” said Esteban Benitez, a tattoo artist at Black and Grey Atelier.

Benitez says they believe the man caught on camera inside the shop was familiar with the space and which specific items inside were most valuable.

“You could kind of tell they knew what they were looking for,” said Benitez.

After breaking into a lockbox he says the man entered through this door and then disarmed their alarm.

He says some of the items taken are irreplaceable: “A lot of those things are close to your heart because it’s your art. A lot of machines are one-offs.”

He says this week they’ve had an outpouring of support. Other artists and shops have loaned or donated supplies to help them stay open.

“ Those little things show that there are good people out there. But it’s still kind of scary and sad to know you have to watch your back sometimes.”

ABC 10News has reached out to SDPD for the latest on the search for the suspect. At this time, we are waiting for a response.

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