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Kensington neighbors push for change after 6-year-old boy dies in car crash

By Natalie Chuck,


A memorial continues growing at the corner of Adams Avenue and Biona Drive, honoring the life of a 6-year-old boy who died after a car wreck there on Wednesday morning.

People living in the Kensington neighborhood where the crash happened are "heartbroken" and many want to see the San Diego City Council push for changes to keep them safe.

"There needs to be a stop sign. This is a problematic area," said Johnny Wynn, who works at a salon with a direct view of the intersection where it happened.

Wynn says instead of a 2-way stop, the intersection should become a 4-way stop.

Brittany Catton Kirk grew up in Kensington. Her husband is in the military, so right now she is in Virginia.

However, Kirk and her family are moving back to Kensington this summer.

"My son, who is also six, will be attending Franklin Elementary next year so this, this story cuts too close to home," said Kirk.

Kirk and other neighbors say they have been asking the city for years to put in more stop signs and speed bumps as safety precautions.

One report filed on the San Diego Get It Done website shows a request from September 9, 2021 for a stop sign two streets away from Biona Drive, also off of Adams Avenue.

The request reads:

Adams and edgeware 92116 needs to be a four way stop. There are so many accidents here and unsafe. A simple stop sign would solve this issue
Report Number: 03500582

The report was closed on December 7, 2021, reading:

The issue has been evaluated and it was determined that no action is warranted at this time because it meets City standards.
Report Number: 03500582

"We have been trying to alert our city council members forever about the speeding about the dangerous situation," said Kirk.

10News reached out to Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera, who represents District 9, for comment. A member of Elo-Rivera's office is expected to send 10News a statement.

On Saturday at 10:00 a.m., members of the community will gather, holding signs that read phrases like "Slow down", on the East side of Kensington Cafe.

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