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Heather Gay Is “Seeing It Through The End” With Jen Shah; Whitney Rose And Lisa Barlow Shade Jen For Her Behavior At BravoCon And On Social Media

By Alex Darus,


The future of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has never been more uncertain . Jen Shah has been sentenced to 6.5 years in federal prison for fraud without a final word to Bravo fans. In the grand scheme of things, Jen got off kind of light. I’m not a criminal justice expert by any means, but I don’t think she’d be celebrating with an all-you-can-eat Italian feast if she was that disappointed.

All of Jen’s antics since her arrest prove to RHOSLC fans that she can’t be trusted. And for better or worse, she’s pretty irreplaceable . Every other word out of Jen’s mouth is contradictory and incites chaos one way or another. One person who has stood by Jen’s side until the end is Heather Gay . Heather’s behavior is unexplainable, and I’m not even talking about that stupid black eye. What does Jen have on Heather for Jen to be able to treat Heather so horribly, yet Heather will continue to fight so hard for Jen? It doesn’t make sense. And according to a recent episode of the RHOSLC: After Show , Heather is still standing beside her controversial bestie’s side.

According to RealityBlurb! , the after-show aired five days after Jen’s prison sentencing. It’s unclear when it was filmed, but it’s safe to assume that Heather was well aware that Jen was guilty by that point. “We’re friends. We’re seeing it through to the end,” Heather said. “We’re on a group text and we love that group text. We’ll get a random image from Jen at 2 am. That’s just like, you know because she’s still Jen, you know, and she’s great.” OK so Heather is officially part of the Shah Squad . I’m curious to know how many members are left in that group chat of Jen’s supporters. It makes me continue to question what dirt Jen has on Heather that makes her so loyal. It’s the only logical explanation.

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During the same show, the latest unexpected RHOSLC duo had opposites feelings about Jen as of late. Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow made it clear they aren’t included in the Shah Squad group chat. The pair state that each reached out to Jen before her July 2022 trial, but Jen kept it short with her replies. I love that Baby Gorgeous and Messy Whitney are trying to make that such a big deal. Jen was probably sending a lot of one-word text messages the day her gig was finally up for good. Ladies, don’t take it too personally.

Even though Jen isn’t hanging with Lisa and Whitney , she does have time to troll them on social media. It’s got Lisa and Whitney pretty bothered. “She has bigger things to worry about and that’s the thing, I don’t know why Jen is still cyberbullying all of us when she’s facing sentencing and not going to see her children for some time,” Whitney said. “I can’t wrap my brain around that as a mother.” Now Little Girl, you know those are fighting words. Whitney’s feeling really brave about bashing Jen now that she knows she’s spending a few years behind bars.

Lisa and Whitney also recalled BravoCon, when they saw Jen crash the party . Apparently, she didn’t greet the duo to their liking and Whitney confronted her about it. “It was a very brief interaction but I just felt like I needed to call out the fact of like, ‘Are you really gonna look at Lisa and I and then walk right past us? That’s not cool. We’ve supported you way more than these people that you’re hanging out with now,'” Whitney explained. I think your Cousin Heather would beg to differ on that one. All I know is all of Jen’s co-stars are not making entertaining TV these days, yet they still barely acknowledge the victims of it all. Who cares about some dumb Twitter beef in the grand scheme of the Shah Scam?


[Photo Credit: Nicole Weinagart/Bravo]

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