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    Maine’s Oldest Lobster Trapper Just Turned 104, Declare She Has no Plans to Leave her Boat: ‘Still the Boss’

    By Samyarup Chowdhury,


    Virginia “Ginny” Oliver, the oldest lobster trapper in Rocklands, Maine , just turned 104 but does not have plans to leave her boat anytime soon.

    Lovingly called "Lobster Lady," the centenarian along with her family, recently celebrated her 104th birthday on Thursday, June 6, has learned.
    Virginia “Ginny” Oliver, the oldest lobster trapper in Maine. By: YouTube/News Center Maine

    Her birthday menu featured her favorite treats: chocolate cake and ice cream.

    A local legend, "Ginny" also had a book written after her, called The Lobster Lady , authored by journalist Barbara Walsh in 2022.

    "At the age of 102, Virginia Oliver is still catching lobsters off the coast of Rockland. People all over the country think Virginia is brave and strong, but Ginny, as her friends call her, knows the secret to staying young is doing what you love," the description of the book reads on Walsh's website .

    According to News Center Maine , Ginny has been in the profession of "lobstering" with her father and older brother when she was just eight years old, making 2024 her 96th year of hauling lobster traps.

    When news outlet WGME asked her whether she was going to catch lobsters this summer, she replied without a doubt, "Oh, I’m going to go."
    The 104-year-old does not plan to retire anytime soon. By: YouTube/News Center Maine

    In fact, the "Lobster Lady" has no plans of retiring anytime soon, and despite a few more aches and pains, she does not feel old yet. "Nobody wants to listen to you complain!" Ginny told the outlet.

    Despite her age, she said that she is "still the boss." She had her fishing license renewed in 2022 and her son installed a new motor in her boat.

    Maine's treasured lobster trapper was born on Claredon Street in Rockland at her parents' home in June 1920, and still lives on the same street but in a different house.

    She raised four children, all of whom are lobster trappers like her and her late husband. Her son Max, who recently turned 80, still goes out into the water with her and plans to put his traps this year as well, per News Center Maine.

    According to a previous report by the outlet, the 104-year-old lobsters her 200 pots in the waters off the shore of Rockland three days a week.
    Ginny says she likes the independence of a life on the water. By: YouTube/News Center Maine

    "Max hauls the pots while Virginia bands the lobsters. She is right-handed but has to use her left because she broke her wrist a few years ago. When she's not busy with lobsters, she fills bait bags with poggies; mother and son work in quiet harmony," the report mentioned.

    When she was asked by the outlet when she plans on retiring from lobster trapping, she replied, "When I die."

    "Everybody gonna die sometime... You not gonna live forever, so why let it bother you?" Ginny said that she does not go out lobstering if she does not want to, but she likes the independence of a life on the water.

    Last year, wrote of another indomitable centenarian spirit who made a landmark achievement at the age of 104.

    In October 2023, Chicago's Dorothy Hoffner made history as the oldest person to parachute from a plane . Remarkably, her inaugural skydive was at the age of 100.
    Her son Max, who recently turned 80, still goes out into the water with her. By: YouTube/News Center Maine.

    According to the Chicago Tribune , when she got seated in the plane for her record-breaking skydive, she exclaimed, "Let's go, let's go, Geronimo!"

    During her first skydiving experience, Hoffner required a gentle push from the aircraft. However, this time, she insisted on taking the lead.

    Hoffner took the plunge, joined by a seasoned parachute instructor, diving headfirst into the exhilarating freefall, executing a graceful forward roll mid-air, with her torso pointing towards the earth below, AP reported.

    Seven minutes later, she safely touched down, met by an exuberant crowd at Skydive Chicago in the Ottawa region. In response to the roaring applause, Hoffner conveyed a timeless message, declaring that "age is just a number."

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