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‘Insist on acting like an ass, you will be arrested’ – Jackson County Sheriff

By Lootpress Staff,


RIPLEY, WV (LOOTPRESS) – Jackson County Sheriff RH Mellinger reserved some choice words for an unnamed individual or individuals last week following an apparent incident which occurred at the Jackson County Courthouse.

The Sheriff called an unnamed addressee to task via social media, besmirching behavior involving the harassment, belittlement, and threatening of Jackson County Courthouse employees due to a disagreement.

“This is a place of business. It is NOT a place to harass, belittle, and threaten employees when you don’t get your way or have a difference of opinion,” Sheriff Mellinger said of the courthouse, asserting the intention of the department to defend the integrity of employees of the county and permanently ban those who fail to heed the warning.

“We are family here and shall protect our guys and girls who work here accordingly. Any unprofessional, belligerent, or threatening behavior shall make cause for your permanent ban from our government building, such as yet another case last week.”

Imploring citizens to put forth kindness even in less than ideal situations, the Jackson County Sheriff made clear that the alternative would involve a trip to South Central Regional Jail in Charleston.

“If you still insist on acting like an ass, you will be arrested and taken to South Central Regional Jail and you can act like an ass there, ” he continued. “Bullying and threatening women in the tax office, clerk’s office, or any other office within these walls will not be tolerated.  Please be kind….it really is that simple.”

More recently The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department reached out to the public for assistance regarding an individual who absconded from home confinement.

According to JCSD on Tuesday evening, Benjamin Thornton – 36 years old of Kenna, WV – cut off his home confinement monitoring bracelet and absconded, effectively violating the previously agreed upon conditions of his home confinement sentence.

Thornton was arrested last month on charges of Fleeing with Reckless Indifference, the latest in a series of arrests on charges including Prohibited Person with Firearm and several Domestic Battery charges.

Those with pertinent information regarding the potential whereabouts of Thornton are encouraged to contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department at (304) 373-2290.

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