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Wife of Lauren Boebert’s chef was arrested for ‘busting into’ home of rep’s mom during wild feud

By Ronny Reyes, Natalie O'Neill,


The wife of one of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s former chefs was arrested for allegedly “busting into” the home of the Colorado congresswoman’s mom and threatening her after scrawling that the pol was a “demonic whore” during a wild 2018 feud, according to a police report.

Jennifer Martinez, 50 — who has previously claimed Boebert’s “inappropriate” relationship with her hubby Matt Archambault ended her marriage — allegedly bounded into the politician’s elderly mom’s house in July 2018, according to the Rifle Police Department.

“Jennifer opened the door and walked into the living room yelling and started screaming, calling my mom out, using threatening words,” Boebert (R-Colo.) told cops at the time. “[She] had no permission to be there, she just rammed through the door.”

“I want a restraining order,” she said.
The wife of Lauren Boebert’s former chef was arrested for allegedly “busting into” the home of the Colorado congresswoman’s mom.
AFP via Getty Images

Boebert said her elderly mother, Shawna, had become the target of Martinez’s rage when she sent her a Facebook message asking her to stop harassing her daughter.

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Martinez and Boebert had allegedly both been sending each other nasty text messages as they duked it out over Archambault, a former chef at the lawmaker’s restaurant, Shooters Grill.

Both women called police on each other — but cops ultimately busted Martinez for harassment and trespassing and filed no charges against Boebert, according to the report.

In an interview with a police officer, Martinez also admitted to marking Boebert’s driver’s license with profanities after finding it in a car the pol sold to Archambault, according to the report.

“I hate her f–king guts, she did not need it, so I wrote that she is a demonic whore on it,” Martinez allegedly said.

A police officer later found the license with the phrase on it, along with “Witch Jezebel” written on the back.

Martinez, meanwhile, insisted that Boebert and her family had called her “the devil” via text and blamed the pol for causing a rift in her marriage, according to cops.
Matt Archambault’s wife claims that Boebert seduced him when he was her employee.

“She is a little liar, she is a little manipulator,” Martinez told police. “Next thing you know, Matt wanted to leave me.”

She added that she has PTSD and that, “I don’t have the mentality or the health to deal with this, I don’t have people to go to, I fear for my life.”

Boebert, who was elected to Congress in 2020, has previously denied the allegations that her relationship with Archambault was inappropriate.
A police officer later found the license with the phrase “demonic whore” on it, along with “Witch Jezebel” on the back.

“I’ve always been faithful in my marriage,” Boebert said last month while announcing she was divorcing her husband of 18 years .

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