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    Unarmed Teen Cried Out For His Mom After Off-Duty Guard Fatally Shot Him 6 Times in Back as He Ran Away: Cops



    An off-duty security guard was arrestedfor the killing of an unarmed teenager he is accused of shooting six times in the back, officials said.

    Aaron Brown Myers, 51, is facing charges of second-degree murder and second-degree assault for the June 5 incident, which happened in the parking lot of a sporting goods store in Renton, a city located just 10 miles south of Seattle .

    The teenage victim and two of his friends, all 17, were heading into a Big 5 store to return a BB Gun, according to a copy of the criminal complaint obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

    Police said Myers told them that he saw the boys and believed they were trying to rob the store so he approached them with his gun, according to the complaint.

    Myers indicated that he conducts 'overwatch' at the location as he has seen numerous crimes occur in the parking lot in the past. Myers stated he saw three individuals walk in front of his parked vehicle. Myers noticed that one of the males had a gun which he believed to be a Glock, down by his side. Myers then saw the male put the firearm into his waistband. Myers continued to watch the males walk through the parking lot where he believed they were going to commit an 'armed robbery' at the location. Myers said that he felt like he did not have time to call 911, and that he felt he had a duty to act to stop the individuals from hurting someone innocent.

    The boys immediately put down the BB gun and assured Myers it was not an actual gun while compling with his orders, according to the complaint.Myers then proceeded to strike one of the boys and pin him to the ground, then moments later fatally shot another teen claiming that the boy had attempted to grab a gun, the complaint said.

    A review of the surveillance footage did not match up with Myers' version of events, according to the complaint, and instead showed the man "escalating" the situation with "more and more violence," according to the complaint.

    That footage allegedly shows Myers approaching the boys with his gun drawn and pointed at them, according to the complaint. It also allegedly shows the boys repeatedly telling him the weapon they appear to be carrying was a BB gun, and it does not show the teenager who was killed reaching for a gun at any point, say prosecutors.

    That footage also shows the teenager's final moments.

    "When (the victim) hit the ground, he called out for his mom." says the complaint.

    Then, the video allegedly shows Myers fire seven bullets, six of which hit the teen boy in the back as he tried to run away, according to the complaint.

    In 2022, Myers followed around another citizen because they were carrying what he believed to be a gun, according to the compalint.

    On March 29th, 2022, Myers called 911 to report that he had seen a person on a bicycle pointing a gun at people. He then told the 911 call receiver that he had a pistol concealed on his person and may have to intervene. According to the reports of responding officers, Myers then followed the person he believed to have a gun to a nearby store, and then away from the store once that person left. He told police he thought he might have to shoot the person with his concealed pistol. Officers arrived on scene and determined the object was not a pistol but a silver metal object that was possibly a part to a bicycle.

    Myers remains in jail on $2 million bail and is scheduled to be arraigned June 24. He has not entered a plea.

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