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    Dueling porch pirates fight to steal ‘very expensive’ package seconds after driver drops it off: video

    By Patrick Reilly,

    30 days ago

    Shocking security footage captured the moment two porch pirates raced each other to a Pennsylvania man’s front door and duked it out over a package just seconds after a FedEx driver had dropped it off.

    Kevin Lara, of Reading, posted a video on Facebook Tuesday showing the dueling thieves on his porch clamoring to nab some “very expensive” AT&T cell phones.

    In the clip, the FedEx driver can be seen walking up the driveway and gently placing the packing in front of Lara’s front door and snapping a photograph of the completed delivery.

    In the background, a white car suddenly pulls up, the video shows.

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    While the driver is still in the driveway walking back to his van, two men — one in a black hoodie and the other in white shorts — suddenly jump out of their cars parked in front of the house at the same time and sprint to snatch the package.
    The two thieves rushed the front door of the home to snatch the package. Kevin Lara/Nest

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    One of the men appeared to pull out a weapon to fight the other off. Kevin Lara/Nest
    The stunned FedEx driver watched on from the driveway. Kevin Lara/Nest

    “Yo!” one of them yells at the other as they wrestle over the box like a loose fumble.


    The man in the hoodie grabs the package first and appears to pull out a knife and begin swinging it at the other, who backs away.

    The victorious thief takes his loot back to his car while the man in the white shorts picks up a flowerpot and yells at him on the front lawn. The man in the shorts then gets back in his car and the two drive away, the video shows.

    “Poor FedEx driver looks scared. Not really worried about the phones… but what if this guy would have hurt one of my family members…. Is this really what the world has come to?” Lara wrote in the post.

    The Post has reached out to the Reading Police Department for additional information.

    The wild theft recalls a similar incident earlier this month, also involving FedEx, where a masked crook in Columbus, Ohio made off with a package just seconds after the hapless driver placed it on a customer’s porch.

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