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    High-security USPS drop box installed in Rancho San Diego after glue trap found

    By Michael Chen,


    RANCHO SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) - The US Postal Service has installed a new, high security dropbox in Rancho San Diego, nearly a month after a glue trap was discovered inside the old collection box at the same location.

    Just outside the Rancho San Diego Towne Center is a new delivery from the Postal Service.

    “This is a safer mailbox for the community,” said Drew Prueitt.

    The same couldn't be said for the blue box that was here.

    In mid-May, Prueitt showed ABC 10News the glue trap and stuck mail he spotted, after dropping his mail inside.

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    Another man, Stephen Kapp, who used the mailbox to mail a check, told ABC 10News the check was stolen, chemically washed, and made out to the thief. It's the type of crime ABC 10News has been documenting for nearly a decade.

    ABC 10News reporter Michael Chen reported the discovery of the mouse trap to the Postal Inspection Service, and days later, the collection box was removed.

    Then, last week, the Postal Service installed what it calls a "high-security collection box" at the same location.

    “I like the design. Looks pretty safe,” said Prueitt, who brought a flashlight to look inside the mailbox.

    The Postal Service launched the high-security blue boxes last year. They aren't revealing much about the exact security features, but some of the measures are readily apparent.

    Gone is the pull-down flap for larger mail.

    “Also, the opening is about 70% smaller, just enough to put some fingers in there. You can’t even get a hand in there,” said Prueitt.

    If an envelope is inserted partway, it feels like a steeper drop for any mail. Before, the mail seemed to slide in.

    The Postal Service says they've rolled out 12,000 of the new drop boxes across the country, with 1,200 more being added every month.

    Back in Rancho San Diego, after his inspection, Prueitt decided to use the new blue box.

    “I mailed two bills… I feel pretty good. It dropped in and nothing sticky,” said Prueitt.

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