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School under lockdown for drug sweep, routine procedure sheriff says

By Cameron B. Gunnoe,


POINT PLEASANT, WV (LOOTPRESS) – Mason County Sheriff Corey Miller has addressed the public on Friday regarding a lockdown instituted at Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School.

Issuing a public service announcement, Sheriff Miller indicated that a drug sweep conducted at Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School was simply part of a routine procedure which will be conducted at the facility throughout the school year

Sheriff Miller elaborated further, stating that the procedure was part of the ongoing intention of the department to ensure that the county school system remains free of illicit substances.

It wS additionally indicated that those present at the facility were indeed safe and that there was no active threat.

“The lockdown at PPJSHS is for a routine drug sweep of the school. Please know all staff and students are safe,” said Sheriff Miller.

”This is part of a continuing effort to keep drugs out of our school system. These sweeps will be done throughout the school year at our county schools.”

Appreciation was expressed for the assistance of the West Virginia Department of Corrections, which provided additional K-9 members to partake in the procedure.

Initial concern regarding the recent lockdown likely stems from similar instances of legitimate lockdown situations to have been initiated since the outset of the 2023 school year, including an incident earlier this month in which a juvenile individual was arrested in relation to a school threat.

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