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'100 Deadliest Days:' Perry High School students experience car crash simulation

By Jaurdyn Johnson,


From Memorial Day to Labor Day, teen drivers are at an increased risk of getting into a deadly accident, which is why Perry High School held a drunk driving simulation assembly.

During the assembly, high schoolers were acting out what would happen during a deadly crash, from first responders arriving first at the scene to parents finding out their child has been killed.

For senior Brooke Kwiecien, seeing her friends on a gurney, even pretending to be hurt scared her.

"It was just hard to imagine him not making it out of this alive," said Kwiecien. "It is just really hard to think about."

The simulation is an effort to encourage students to think about their actions before getting behind the wheel. Over the coming months, teens are at an increased risk of dying in car accidents.

According to AAA , 7,316 people nationwide died in teen driver crashes from 2011-2020.

Perry High School Principal Becky Belkota says her community has experienced these tragedies firsthand.

"It's something that sticks with you. It absolutely is something that sticks with you, so when we enter into these days, it's educational, it's informative, but it is certainly personal," said Belkota.

The administration has been working with the Perry Fire Department, Police Department, and several other agencies to work with the kids all week to encourage safe behaviors.

"We just want them to choose wisely and make responsible decisions during this happiest time of the year for them," said SRO Matt Masci.

AAA reminds parents and teens to:

  • Always wear your seat belt
  • Never drive impaired
  • Put your phone away
  • Drive the speed limit
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