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Fight between Tesla driver, motorcyclist erupts in middle of Pasadena street: Video


Alarming video captured the moment a brawl broke out between a Tesla driver and a motorcyclist in the middle of a Pasadena street.

It happened last Friday morning along Fair Oaks Avenue and Holly Street in Old Town Pasadena.

It's unclear what exactly sparked the fight, but the video begins by showing the motorcyclist approach the driver, who was still inside his vehicle.

Though the audio isn't clear enough to hear exactly what the motorcyclist was telling the driver, the driver then gets out. The two men start arguing.

"[The motorcyclist] proceeded to come back and stuck his head in the window," said Charlie Salinas, the man who filmed the fight. "I thought he was talking to his wife, but turns out it was his mother."

Suddenly, the Tesla driver shoves the motorcyclist and a physical fight ensued.

Salinas stepped in to break it up. At that point, the motorcyclist, who is reportedly a delivery driver, was on top of the Tesla driver.

"Hey! Get the **** off of him!" Salinas is heard yelling in the video.

He told Eyewitness News he was afraid for the driver's life.

"I was trying to film and dial 911 at the same time," said Salinas. "I finally made up my mind to come across and help. As I'm coming around, the mother was out of the car hitting the younger guy on the back."

Before the fight, Salinas said he saw the motorcyclist in the area.

"I had seen the motorcycle coming up and down, yelling and cursing trying to weave in and out of cars," he said.

The brawl finally ends when police officers arrived.

"You hit me first!" the motorcyclist is heard yelling at the Tesla driver.

It's unclear if either of the men were arrested or detained.

Meanwhile, Pasadena residents were shocked to see an apparent road rage incident happened in their community.

"I definitely haven't ever seen anything like that, but to say it shocks me, no," said Christina Mesesan. "There is a lot of traffic in the area."

Eyewitness News has contacted the Pasadena Police Department for more

"We don't act that way, we don't act that way in public," said Salinas. "We don't do that to other people."

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