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Panama City Beach, Panama City donut shops make list of 100 best in the country

By Michael Bartiromo,


(NEXSTAR) – Do you “go nuts” for doughnuts? Sure you do. We all do. They’re made from fried dough and sugar. We’d be fools not to be interested.

But we don’t go gaga over just any doughnut. We all have our favorite shops and flavors, and we’re always on the lookout for newer, tastier varieties. And while there’s no shortage of shops providing exactly what we crave, there are also plenty of mediocre doughnut purveyors that, frankly, no one has ever gone nuts for.

To help us find the best of the best, Yelp’s team of analysts have compiled their second annual ranking of America’s top 100 doughnut shops based on the ratings and reviews of Yelp’s online community. The 2023 list — released ahead of National Doughnut Day on June 2 — includes shops from 27 states and Washington, D.C., though some are more well-represented than others.

California and Florida, for instance, are each home to 10 of the top-rated doughnut shops on Yelp’s list. (It’s worth noting that Yelp’s list-makers only allow 10 businesses per state for purposes of “geographic diversity.”) Seven of the entries, meanwhile, are found in Arizona, but Illinois, Nevada and Texas aren’t far behind, each boasting six shops in the 2023 ranking.

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Only one shop can claim the No. 1 spot, however, and that honor goes to California’s Rocklin Donuts & Cinnamon, which specializes not only in doughnuts but also in its close cousins: the cinnamon roll and the apple fritter.

“The donuts are perfect and I don’t even like donuts much — I’d say I’d be a donut fan if they all tasted like this spot,” wrote one happy customer who left a 5-star Yelp review.

Can’t make it to California to try the top-rated doughnut shop? The complete list, as determined by Yelp’s data, can be found below:

  1. Rocklin Donuts & Cinnamon – Rocklin, California
  2. HOLE – Asheville, North Carolina
  3. JD Flannel Donuts and Coffee – San Juan Capistrano, California
  4. Munchkins Donuts Shop – Covina, California
  5. Hot N. Sweet Coffee and Donut Shop – Page, Arizona
  6. Round Rock Donuts – Round Rock, Texas
  7. The Jelly Donut – San Francisco, California
  8. Stan’s Donut Shop – Santa Clara, California
  9. Simone’s Donuts – Long Beach, California
  10. Purvé Donut Stop – Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
  11. Brooklyn Baking – Waterbury, Connecticut
  12. Happy Donuts – Puyallup, Washington
  13. Superior Bakery – Fayetteville, North Carolina
  14. Steve’s Donuts – Riverside, California
  15. Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai – Portland, Oregon
  16. Old Fashioned Donuts – Chicago, Illinois
  17. Marie’s Donuts – Sacramento, California
  18. Glee Donuts & Burgers – Anaheim, California
  19. Diablo Doughnuts – Baltimore, Maryland
  20. Milkbomb Ice Cream – San Francisco, California
  21. Sweethearts Gourmet Donuts – Anthem, Arizona
  22. Sweet Coloradough – Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  23. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop – Brooklyn, New York
  24. Donuts To Go – Sanford, Florida
  25. Nord’s Bakery – Louisville, Kentucky
  26. Fresh Donut & Deli – Salt Lake City, Utah
  27. Chuck’s Donut Shop – Renton, Washington
  28. Ruby Donut – Ayer, Massachusetts
  29. Biagio’s Donut Shop & Pizzeria – Eastlake, Ohio
  30. Twinkle Donuts – The Colony, Texas
  31. Robin’s Snowflake Donuts & Cafe – Spring, Texas
  32. Texas Donuts – Lorton, Virginia
  33. Beiler’s Bakery – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  34. Avon Donuts – Pontiac, Michigan
  35. Home Cut Donuts – Joliet, Illinois
  36. Yum Yum Bake Shops – Colmar, Pennsylvania
  37. Bill’s Donut Shop – Centerville, Ohio
  38. Sedonuts – Sedona, Arizona
  39. Gäbi Boutique Donut & Pastry – Henderson, Nevada
  40. Bake Shack – Dania Beach, Florida
  41. Beacon Doughnuts – Chicago, Illinois
  42. S-H Donuts – Austin, Texas
  43. Ray’s Donuts – Marietta, Georgia
  44. Maui Ono Donuts – Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
  45. Sweet Spot Cafe – St. Ann, Missouri
  46. Granny’s Gourmet Donuts – Bozeman, Montana
  47. Sunrise Donuts – Phoenix, Arizona
  48. Holey Grail Donuts – Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii
  49. Family Donut Shop – Seattle, Washington
  50. Pink Love Donuts & More – Oakland Park, Florida
  51. The Local Donut – Scottsdale, Arizona
  52. Paula’s Donuts – Tonawanda, New York
  53. Thomas Donut & Snack Shop – Panama City Beach, Florida
  54. Gurnee Donuts – Gurnee, Illinois
  55. Long’s Bakery – Indianapolis, Indiana
  56. PANA Donuts Coffee & Boba Tea – Indianapolis, Indiana
  57. Baker’s Dozen – Raleigh, North Carolina
  58. Ronald’s Donuts – Las Vegas, Nevada
  59. Urban Cookies Bake Shop – Phoenix, Arizona
  60. Hole in One Donut – Tampa, Florida
  61. Glazed Doughnuts – Hampton, Virginia
  62. OMG Donuts & Bakery – Concord, North Carolina
  63. Donnie’s Donuts – Ormond Beach, Florida
  64. Desert Donuts – Phoenix, Arizona
  65. Sluys Poulsbo Bakery – Poulsbo, Washington
  66. Donut King Hawaii – Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
  67. Friendly Donut House – Henderson, Nevada
  68. Dough in the Box Donuts – Marietta, Georgia
  69. The Hollywood Donut Factory – Hollywood, Florida
  70. Mr. Donuts – Lone Tree, Colorado
  71. DG Doughnuts – Ocoee, Florida
  72. Dom Bakeries – Ypsilanti, Michigan
  73. Donut Day – Aloha, Oregon
  74. Carol Lee Donuts – Blacksburg, Virginia
  75. A & H Donuts – Fort Worth, Texas
  76. Heights Bakery – Columbia Heights, Minnesota
  77. The Tatonut Shop – Ocean Springs, Mississippi
  78. Doe Donuts – Portland, Oregon
  79. Dulce Donuts – Las Vegas, Nevada
  80. Valkyrie Doughnuts – Orlando, Florida
  81. Dan-D-Donuts & Deli – Panama City, Florida
  82. Dev’s Donuts – Marietta, Georgia
  83. Hell Yeah Gluten Free – Atlanta, Georgia
  84. Glazed Over Donuts – Beacon, New York
  85. Aware Coffee – Las Vegas, Nevada
  86. Kane’s Donuts – Boston, Massachusetts (downtown location)
  87. The Doughnut Vault – Chicago, Illinois
  88. Angelina Bakery – New York, New York
  89. Carl’s Donuts – Las Vegas, Nevada
  90. The Flour Box – Seattle, Washington
  91. Marietta Donuts – Marietta, Georgia
  92. Gibson’s Donuts – Memphis, Tennessee
  93. Kamehameha Bakery – Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
  94. Mikiko Mochi Donuts – Portland, Oregon
  95. Grand Donuts – San Antonio, Texas
  96. Donut Run – Washington, D.C.
  97. HenDough – Hendersonville, North Carolina
  98. Titus Bakery – Lebanon, Indiana
  99. Croffle House – Flushing, New York
  100. Donut Den – Joliet, Illinois

More information about each shop, as well as links to their Yelp pages and a handy map of all 100, can be found at Yelp.

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As part of its second annual list, Yelp also compiled a ranking of the top 25 doughnut shops in Canada. Because if you think Americans go nuts for doughnuts, reports have shown that our northern neighbors are absolutely delirious for the things.

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