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Neighbors shocked after couple arrested on 36 animal cruelty charges

By Dylan Brown/KFOR,


OKLAHOMA CITY ( KFOR ) – A couple was arrested Tuesday after a U-Haul truck in their name was found in a parking lot with 36 puppies inside nearly dead. Oklahoma City Police also say that inside their home was evidence of a puppy mill operation.

“I mean, I’ve heard dogs bark every time I walked past the house but never imagined anything like that,” said John who lives nearby.

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According to an arrest affidavit, the investigators received a call from Walmart staff about a U-Haul truck that smelled like it was full of animals.

The affidavit states that the interior of the cargo area was over 100 degrees and contained multiple cages with dogs and puppies.

The 36 puppies were taken to Oklahoma City Animal Welfare where one of them died and another gave birth to more puppies.
A social media post by Dexter shows his attempt to sell Schnauzers.

“It was and is overwhelming for us,” said Jonathan Gary of OKC Animal Welfare. “Many of the puppies we received were in horrible shape but are doing better now, most had heat stroke. The one that died, we thought he had made it through but he had organ failure yesterday and died.”

OKCPD reported that Dexter Manuel and Linda Manuel were arrested Tuesday and are facing 36 counts of animal cruelty each.
Dexter Manuel and Linda Manuel Oklahoma County Detention Center

Many of the animals were suffering from heat stroke and needed help immediately.

“I don’t understand how people can treat their animals that way,” said John.

Another neighbor, Sally, who didn’t want her last name known walks by with her dog almost daily and said she knew something was wrong.

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“Every time I walk by I hear barking, lots of barking. Like more than two dogs, a lot of dogs,” said Sally. “I hate, I really hate that I didn’t say something earlier. I wish I would’ve, maybe I could’ve helped somehow.”
Another picture showing someone holding a Schnauzer and attempting to sell it.

OKC Animal Welfare is now in charge of the investigation. Gary says that they are currently using Dexter’s social media and phone during the investigation to find more evidence.

In a video that Dexter had posted he was trying to sell Shnauzers and attached his phone number for anyone interested.

“Yes there were a number of Schnauzers that we received and a couple of Shih Tzus,” said Gary.

OKC Animal Welfare is dealing with yet another round of Canine Flu and have had to shut their doors for awhile. Gary says when they ended up getting in all of the puppies they started housing in the conference room.

According to Oklahoma law, one count of Animal Cruelty will give up to a year in jail or a prison term of five years.

“When I saw all of the police at the house, it took me totally by surprise,” said John. “I’ve definitley met the guy before and from what I could tell he didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Yes, I’ve herad dogs barking when I walk over by the house but it’s like one or two, never forty or fifty.”

“Several of the cages had so many dogs inside that the dogs were unable to move freely and some were stepping on top of one another and there was no food or water inside of the U-Haul,” the affidavit states.

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