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OKC Friends Cope With The Loss Of Their Friend In Murder-Suicide Case


Friends mourning the sudden loss of their friend who police said was murdered at the hands of her boyfriend in northwest Oklahoma City.

The woman’s friends were with the couple just hours before they were found dead in what investigators say is an apparent murder-suicide.

“How do you stop blaming yourself for something might have been able to stop?” friend John Crabtree said.

Like they had done so many times before, Sunday afternoon friends were gathered inside the couple’s home.

“She cooked out for us, surprised us with a cookout , great time, had a blast until Ernie started acting erratic,” Crabtree said.

Carla Evans shared the home with boyfriend and talented bass guitarist, Ernest Harlow.

Sunday afternoon Carla Evans and her boyfriend hosted a barbeque at their home.

Crabtree said the couple bickered, and that Harlow was unlike his usual self.

“He was always different but he did not act himself that day,” Crabtree said.

After what started out as a great day at their home, Crabtree and his partner left the barbeque.

“They were kind of getting at it, that's why we left,” Crabtree said.

Crabtree and his partner headed to Pridefest.

“I said you sure you don’t want to come? She said no, he was jumping her case,” Crabtree said.

Crabtree said he felt uneasy after leaving.

“I had a sixth sense, something was not right, we tried calling her, she didn’t answer,” Crabtree said.

Early Monday morning, Crabtree got the news.

“He goes, Ernie killed Carla last night. I go what? He said Ernie murdered Carla last night,” Crabtree said.

Oklahoma City Police found Carla beaten to death inside her home.

“Did she know he was taking her life from her? Was she scared? What was she feeling?” Crabtree said.

Harlow was found dead on the side of the highway where police said he took his own life in a motorcycle crash.

Crabtree said he can’t bring himself to forgive, something he believes Carla would have wanted.

“Probably to forgive him, but I can’t do that not right now. What now? We've lost our friend, now we tell her goodbye and then we grieve,” Crabtree said.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, contact the Oklahoma Safeline at 1-800-522-SAFE

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