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Local Veterinarian Gives Advice To Pet Owners After 2nd Canine Flu Outbreak


Oklahoma City Animal Welfare is closed again after a second outbreak of canine influenza. The shelter said about 130 dogs are showing symptoms.

OKC Vet Campus Veterinarian Dr. Shara Carlton said dog parents have no need to panic, but they need to be aware.

"Canine influenza has moved across the country regionally and so it was more of a low-risk disease in this area historically," Carlton said.

"Being around dogs you don't know puts you at an increased risk."

Dr. Carlton tells News 9 that this disease can stick on surfaces for days.

"So when people take their pets to like dog parks, those surfaces don't get cleaned, so those pets that go to dog parks should consider getting vaccinated because they are at an increased risk."

One preventative is choosing boarding places and play facilities that have health standards.

"When you go to those places, making sure that they have high health standards helps decrease your risk of your dog getting something while you are there," Carlton said.

When you go for the vaccine, make sure your vet can ensure you get two doses in the allotted time frame.

"The vaccine has been on a production hold for some manufacturers and so even if we wanted to vaccinate for k9 influenza we weren't able to,” Carlton said.

If you are going out of town later this summer, start your vaccine plan now.

"We require the influenza vaccine for boarding because your dog is in a situation. Its lifestyle now dictates it is around other dogs, so we are protecting your pet and the other pets in our facility."

OKC Vet Campus still has canine vaccines available. To learn more visit, click here.

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