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OKC Attorney Says Trump Will Likely Try To Avoid Trial After Indictment


Former President Trump maintains his innocence after Thursday’s New York grand jury indictment. President Trump and his attorneys will likely throw everything they have at this case to avoid a trial.

Trump made history on Thursday when he became the first former U.S. President charged with a crime. A New York grand jury indicted Donald Trump on allegations related to a "hush money" payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Oklahoma City legal analyst and attorney Ed Blau said the reason today’s news was possible is because of one thing.

“That hundred and thirty thousand dollars should have been reported as a campaign contribution and not hidden as legal fees,” Blau said. “If Donald Trump had paid Stormy Daniels and reported it on his campaign forms, that would not be an issue.”

Everything with this case began in 2016. The statute of limitations is three years, but Trump moved to the White House and then to Florida.

“And therefore, the statute of limitations theoretically is tolled and therefore he can be prosecuted,” Blau said.

The case has a long way to go. This case is a lot different from a typical indictment.

“This isn’t a situation where an arrest is gonna be issued and the marshals are gonna pick him up,” Blau said. “He’s gonna surrender himself at the jail in Manhattan.”

However, some elements remain the same as a typical indictment.

“His fingerprints are gonna be taken,” Blau said. “His mugshot is gonna be taken and he’s gonna be released pending his next court date.

“Assuming he’s ultimately indicted for a felony, the maximum penalty is four years,” Blau said.

Blau said jail time is unlikely. The more likely outcome is a plea agreement to probation. A trial would have to convict Trump for the jail time to become a factor.

Blau said criminal cases in the New York state court take a long time. This case has a former president involved, so Blau expects this to last at least a year and a half.

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