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Oklahoma woman claims AT&T contractors left her driveway unleveled after doing work

By Taylor Mitchell/KFOR,


OKLAHOMA CITY ( KFOR ) – Another Oklahoman is seeking help after she claims AT&T contractors installed fiber optics at her home almost a year ago and left her with an uneven driveway. She said she’s done everything she can to resolve the problem on her own but keeps running into dead ends.

The woman said AT&T contractors came to her home in April 2022 to install fiber optics. She says after they drilled, she noticed her driveway started sinking and claims it’s just gotten worse.

“I want the driveway fixed,” said Janet Heidorn, who claims AT&T contractors left her driveway unleveled.

After watching KFOR resolve other problems people have had with the company, Janet Heidorn reached out to our In Your Corner team for help.

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Here are those two other stories:

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“I saw your reviews on a couple of the AT&T problems and you were able to resolve them,” said Heidorn.

Heidorn said she’s tried calling AT&T and has made claims.

She got this response from a claims examiner who said quote, “The contactor involved with burying fiber in the neighborhood denies these allegations. Contactor states that the driveway is in the same condition as it was in 2015.”

So, “Based upon the information obtained to date, it is our opinion that AT&T would not be held liable for this accident,” said the claims examiner.

However, Heidorn showed KFOR pictures of her leveled driveway, and claims they were taken before the work was done back in April of 2022.

Now, almost a year later she shows us her driveway has sunk over an inch.

“It is a little over an inch difference,” said Heidorn.

She’s concerned it’s a safety hazard for her and her older friends who may trip. She also said her friends in wheelchairs have had trouble going up and down the driveway.

“They had trouble getting down the driveway. They had to lift the wheelchair wheels up to get over that hump,” said Heidorn.

Heidorn provided us with claims from her neighbors who agree her driveway was leveled before the work was done.

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One friend said quote, “The disleveling caused by these crews has made my going to her house harder in my wheelchair.”

Another said, “Shortly after the fiber optic drilling, I pushed my wife’s wheelchair up the driveway and noticed a pronounced unevening on the same line as the drilling site about one in a half inches.”

Heidorn also described her car driving over it as a mini speedbump and also said she has had trouble taking her trash bins down to the street.

“I have to really push or try to lift over that hump. And it’s difficult when a trash, a big blue is full,” said Heidorn.

Each time KFOR has reached out to resolve issues similar to this one, the company has fixed the customer’s problem. But this time, AT&T sent just sent a statement regarding Heidorn’s issue.

A spokesperson for AT&T said quote, “Our contractor and insurer completed their investigation of the homeowner’s property damage claim last year. The homeowner was informed of their claim status in less than three months of submitting it.”

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