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City of Oceanside declares local emergency following $1.1M in storm damage

By Moses Small,


The City of Oceanside declared a local emergency to cover repair costs for sinkholes, landslides, flooding, and water contamination caused by recent storms.

Now city officials are calling for state and federal funding to cover an estimated $1.1 million in damage.

Sue lives near Sky Haven Lane, where part of the street collapsed this week.

" I don't know when the next one's gonna happen. I gotta brace myself," said Sue.

"I think we're in the end times. This weather is crazy all over."

That same sinkhole forced more than a dozen people in a nearby mobile home park to evacuate. And some local auto shops say new potholes are damaging so many tires, mechanics report an uptick in customers.

You can also see the impact of recent storms on the water.

Heavy showers caused a wastewater treatment plant to overflow last week, spilling thousands of gallons of sewage. So beachgoers like Kat saw Buccaneer Beach close for several days.

"It definitely looks sludgy and gross to me," said Kat. "I don't want to get in it, that's for sure."

The beach is back open, but the county still urges people to stay out of the water.

"It feels different," said Kat. "Like what are they going to do about the infrastructure?"

Oceanside plans to ask for state and federal emergency funds within a week, which could reimburse the city for nearly all the costs of repairs.

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