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Siblings from Northern California Champion Transgender Rights


video by @abc7news

As we enter Pride Month, a family from Novato, California is emerging as a leading force in the battle for transgender rights. In a special report, ABC7 News Reporter Tara Campbell introduces the young siblings who are at the forefront of the push for change.

At just 12 years old, one of the siblings began to question their identity. After overcoming the fear of coming out, they found liberation and comfort in embracing their true self. The other sibling, who is considering applying to UC Davis after high school, found solace in being acknowledged for their authentic identity and expressing themselves without reservation.

The siblings' journey commenced when they started to experience gender dysphoria and felt unease in their own bodies. Although they initially identified as boys because that is how they were perceived, they came to understand their true identities as a girl and a non-binary individual. Throughout their transition, their parents have been an unwavering source of support, helping them overcome various challenges while ensuring their safety and happiness.

Although the family is grateful for the supportive environment in California and the Bay Area, where they are surrounded by affirmative legislation, they recognize that this is not the case everywhere. The siblings find the ongoing anti-trans bills and widespread transphobia in the United States disheartening and worrisome. They credit their bravery and resilience to the unwavering support from their parents.

One of the siblings reflects that the most challenging aspect of being transgender is not the experience itself, but rather the reactions of others. Misunderstandings and ignorance about pronouns, especially they/them pronouns, can make it difficult for people to accept and respect their identities. To combat this, the siblings actively engage with their community by organizing protests and speaking up about the issues they face. Through their actions, they aim to inspire others and foster positive change for the transgender community.

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