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    ‘Rich Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki Says You Can’t Get Rich Quick — These 3 Steps Can Build Wealth

    By Adam Palasciano,

    19 days ago
    ©Robert Kiyosaki

    There’s no doubt that many people want to get rich. Not having to worry about money and being able to spend on whatever you want sounds great . The idea of getting rich quickly is enticing , but in most cases is highly unlikely and nearly impossible.

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    Fortunately, there are several ways that you can effectively build wealth over time.

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    3 Ways You Can Build Wealth Over Time

    Here are three great ways to slowly build wealth over time so you can get rich, according to Robert Kiyosaki :

    1. Don’t focus on saving money : Those who have become wealthy don’t focus on saving. Simply focusing on saving money usually doesn’t lead to building much wealth. Even if you park your money in a high-yield savings account, your money won’t grow very well compared to investing in mutual funds, as one example.
    2. Treat investing as a long-term journey : Investing is a process. It takes time, resilience, and patience. You’ll likely make mistakes along the way, which you’ll be able to learn and grow from. Taking a long-term approach to investing typically results in more wealth accumulation over time rather than a short-term approach of buying and selling quickly. Be sure to take time to increase your financial literacy along the way. This can make a huge difference in how you’re able to effectively grow your money over time.
    3. Own your financial future : Many people rely on what their family and friends tell them when it comes to saving and investing. Also, taking all your financial advice from the media may not be the best path forward, either. Doing your own homework and making financial decisions for yourself can yield better financial results.

    This article originally appeared on : ‘Rich Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki Says You Can’t Get Rich Quick — These 3 Steps Can Build Wealth

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