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    The Young and the Restless spoilers: Nick and Sharon's reunion complicated by a mystery villain?

    By Terrell Smith,

    27 days ago

    It’s hard to believe that The Young and the Restless Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case) haven’t been together in six years. Back in 2016, Sharon dumped Nick before they said "I do" again after finding out he had a night of passion with Phyllis (then played by Gina Tognoni). For those counting, this would mark the second time Phyllis would tank the supercouple known as #Shick.

    Fast forward to the present, and Sharon and Nick are phenomenal co-parents and best friends. Their bad blood is in the past, they’re both very single and they continue to have obvious chemistry whenever they’re around each other. So the question for many fans has been, when will these two officially reunite? If we’re honest, we thought it would have happened after all the chaos with Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby) last summer, but here we are and Nick and Sharon continue to dance around each other.

    Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow, The Young and the Restless (Image credit: CBS)

    Well, The Young and the Restless episode that airs on June 21 serves as a celebratory event for Nick's portrayer Joshua Morrow, as he’s been with the soap for 30 years. In the episode, viewers are taken on a walk down memory lane as he and Sharon recap the ups and downs of their love story. Naturally, the lookback at their journey has us thinking the duo’s reunion may finally be happening. After all, over the past 30 years, there were plenty of things to hone in on when it comes to a tribute, and yet, writers focus on Nick’s relationship with Sharon.

    If our hunch is correct and romance is in the immediate future for Nick and Sharon, we also have a bad feeling that it won’t be smooth sailing for them. In the episode that aired on June 17, Sharon noted that her doctor placed her on a new bipolar medication and she hasn’t been sleeping well as a result. It’s not likely that the mention of her medicine was a throwaway comment, so it’s easy to picture that the medication may soon have a profound effect on her behavior.

    With that being said, we started to wonder if someone could be sabotaging Sharon as she manages her mental health. Should that be the case, you’re probably thinking who would stoop that low to go after Sharon and what motive could they possibly have?

    Linden Ashby, The Young and the Restless (Image credit: CBS)

    Since we mentioned Cameron Kirsten, let;’s revisit the fact that his storyline wrapped rather "nicely." After kidnapping Faith (Reylynn Caster), Nick and Sharon come to their daughter’s rescue, with Sharon ultimately murdering Cameron in the process. Then, in a shocker, Cameron’s will leaves Sharon his tech company. This all rang odd, as no one connected to Cameron ever challenged the will. We always assumed someone would have come forward to enact revenge for Cameron’s murder.

    Is it possible that a friend or family member of Cameron is now sneaking into the Genoa City fold? We can imagine a scenario in which a relative of Cameron has been studying Sharon and found out she has bipolar disorder. Then, this mystery person arrives in town and bribes Sharon’s doctor with a handsome sum to sabotage her medication with the hope that Sharon’s behavior becomes so erratic that she burns down her own life, alienating loved ones and destroying her business. If Sharon loses it all and suffers, that may be just what this mystery connection to Cameron would want.

    Again, this is speculation at this point. However, it would be an interesting storyline to unfold as it would work Sharon back into the fabric of the show. Additionally, would Nick remain committed to Sharon and ultimately be her knight in shining armor?

    New episodes of The Young and the Restless air weekdays on CBS. Episodes become available to stream on Paramount Plus the next day.

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