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    Zyn Nicotine Pouches Were Just Recalled

    By Michael Hein,


    Zyn Nicotine Pouches were just recalled by the government of Canada, where the product's "Marketing Authorization" is under consideration by the Minister of Health . Zyn is naturally a controversial product as it is a relatively new way to imbibe nicotine and its popularity rose very quickly. Canadian retailers have been advised to stop selling Zyn, and authorities there will re-examine its safety.

    The Canadian government issued a health product recall for eight different Zyn products on Wednesday, June 12, asking all retailers to stop selling them. The recall applies to the 1.5 miligram Zyn Spearmint Nicotine Pouches, as well as the 3 milligram pouches in seven differnt flavors - Apple Mint, Bellini, Black Cherry, Citrus, Cool Mint, Espresso and Original. This applies to all lots, as the reason for the recall extends to the entire product line. However, it is addressed to retailers, and consumers themselves are not asked to destroy or return their previously purchased Zyn. The alert does advise consumers to consult a healthcare professional about any concerns.

    The Canadian government grands power over "Marketing Authorizations" to the Minister of Health, allowing them to define classes of food and drug products, and to set conditions for their sale and consumption. They can also exempt some products from broad prohibitions. The government website has more in-depth details on these authorizations, and it's notable that Zyn was listed as a "natural health product."

    Users can sign up for alerts about this recall on the website, and they can also sign up for notifications about future recalls as well. A similar service is available in the U.S. through the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ), the Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ).

    Zyn was created to replace smokeless tobacco products such as dipping tobacco and "snus." Zyn itself contains no tobacco but does contain nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves, along with other food-grade ingredients. The pouches are made from plant fiber, allowing the nicotine within to diffuse when wet. The pouches are meant to be placed between the lip and gum and held there for about 30 minutes. Zyn first went on sale in 2014 and it has seen a meteoric rise in popularity ever since. In 2022, it represented more than 60 percent of the nicotine pouch industry, according to a report by The Atlantic .

    Zyn has been criticized for marketing its product as a replacement for smoking or vaping in places where it is not allowed. Some critics say these pouches are a gateway to nicotine addiction for younger users. This is particularly concerning as the long-term health effects of these pouches are not yet known. In general, nicotine is considered highly addictive and it has many negative side effects on its own, even without the known effects of smoking or chewing tobacco.

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