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    Fox Anchor Dave Hall Reveals Sudden and Scary Blood Clot Hospitalization

    By Stephen Andrew,


    Fox anchor Dave Hall is lucky to be alive. The Las Vegas-based KVVU journalist recently revealed that he went through a sudden and scary hospitalization after it was discovered that he had a blood clot in his lung. In an editorial on the local news station's website, Hall shared that his blood cot was discovered after he injured his Achilles tendon while playing pickleball.

    "Here's what I didn't know: something else was happening inside my body," Hall harrowingly recalled. "It was a Thursday afternoon. We were taping a show at the time when my story took a scary turn. After coughing my way through our Beat The Odds show, I bumped into our executive producer Kristin Bernal in the hallway."

    After taking a look at Hall, Bernal "knew something was wrong."

    "I definitely felt shortness of breath, but thought it was a cold, no big deal," Hall said, adding that Bernal encouraged him to go to an urgent care center but he chose not to right away. "After a sleepless night I got up the next morning and finally took that trip to quick care, which led to an emergency ambulance ride and eventually the emergency room at St. Rose Hospital."

    At this point, "things got very real, very fast," Hall said. "After some scanning and testing, I got the news: a massive blood clot had traveled into my lungs creating a pulmonary embolism ." Doctors rushed to remove the clot, which was of "unusual" size, and had great success.

    "No pain," Hall said of the procedure. "In fact about an hour into it, relief, as Dr. Liu sucked out the clots a rush of air entered my lungs. I could breath again."

    Finally, Hall made a recommendation to anyone with blood clot symptoms."If you feel shortness of breath, acute chest pain, swelling in your legs or have fainting spells, these are all symptoms of blood clots," he said. "Get immediate medical help."

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