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    Zelensky Addresses Possibility Trump Beats Biden: ‘If the People Are With Us, Any Leader Will Be With Us’

    By Isaac Schorr,

    29 days ago

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed confidence during a joint press conference with President Joe Biden on Thursday that the United States would continue to support his country’s defensive war against Russia even if Donald Trump retakes the White House.

    “A number of leaders here in Italy, including President Biden, are facing upcoming election challenges,” noted a reporter before asking Zelensky , “How will the security agreement signed tonight and the other promises of support continue if they are not in office? And what’s your contingency plan if they don’t?”

    “First and foremost, I’d like to thank the people of the nations, first and foremost to the United States, to the countries in Europe, and on other continents who have supported us since the very beginning of this absolutely unjust war against the people of Ukraine,” began Zelensky. “They’ve been killing people — homes and territory, all that is very important, that is part of life — but first and foremost, we’re speaking about people and lives of people, you understand? This war was unjust since the very beginning.”

    He continued, eventually addressing the possibility the Trump may soon replace Biden:

    Since the very beginning, we were supported by people, by nations, because they understood that we share common values. We simply want to live, and the people understood. They imagine what will happen if this war, such evil attacks them, and therefore we were supported by people. And I thank President Biden and all the leaders who, since the very beginning of Putin’s invasion, started to support us. They, based on their values, they were based on the voice of their people — and it is impossible without the people. And I am sure that this nation chooses leaders and presidents, and it seems to me that no matter whom the nation chooses, first and foremost, it seems to me that everything depends on the unity within this or that state. And if the people are with us, any leader will be with us in this struggle for freedom.

    Watch above via Fox News.

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