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    Preschool Teacher Selflessly Gives 5-Year-Old With End-Stage Liver Disease The Gift Of Life

    By Bianca Wooden,


    A preschool teacher is making a heroic sacrifice for one of her former young students: she’s going to donate part of her liver to save his life! Five-year-old Ezra Toczek has been on the waiting list for a transplant due to end-stage liver disease. His family hoped that they would find a matching donor, but they never imagined it would be someone they already knew! Carissa Fisher floored Ezra’s parents with her incredible news.

    According to People, Ezra has been on the transplant list since February. When the preschool teacher found out what he was going through, she knew she had to apply to donate part of her liver. However, she didn’t know whether or not she would be approved. So, she didn’t say anything to the Toczek family until she was absolutely sure things were going to work out.

    Finally, Ezra’s teacher got some good news.

    It wasn’t until the end of May that Carissa received the green light to become a living donor. Instead of just telling Ezra and his family, though, she decided to make the occasion a little more special. The teacher arrived at their house carrying balloons and a giant sign letting them know she wanted to donate her liver.

    “Hey Ezra!” it read. “Would you like to share my liver?”

    Obviously, the answer was yes! Ezra’s mom, Karen, shared the most heartwarming video of the beautiful moment on Facebook.

    “My brain literally couldn’t process what I was reading until she said it out loud,” Mom wrote in her caption. “Miss Carissa is a perfect match! I can’t even begin to express our gratitude! The tears keep coming, and though I knew we’d be relieved to get the news eventually, I had no idea just how it would hit me!”

    WKBW tells us that Ezra has been having health problems due to liver damage since he was born. However, things became more urgent when the little boy’s family found out that the organ was failing. They’re so grateful his teacher stepped in with her incredibly generous offer to donate part of her liver! Carissa was truly moved by how the mom and son reacted to the news.

    “You never know who’s life you are going to be changing,” the preschool teacher said. “It was emotional. It made me very happy to see both of them happy.”

    If you want to help the Toczek family as they continue to ensure their son gets the care he needs, you can visit their GoFundMe page for medical costs.

    You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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