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    Juror Tells Fox News Convicting Hunter Biden Was ‘Heart-Wrenching’ And ‘Not Politically Motivated’

    By Alex Griffing,


    Fox News scored an interview on Tuesday with one of the jurors at Hunter Biden’s trial just hours after the president’s son was convicted on three gun-related charges.

    “We now have – this is audio only – it’s an interview that was just conducted by our own Fox News producer Jake Gibson with Juror #10. Before we toss to it, I just want to make sure I give a little more background on him,” began anchor Sandra Smith , adding:

    When he was going through the process, he recalled chatting with somebody about this, likely his brother, about the Hunter Biden case . He knew it was related to drugs and guns. He told that person not to say much because he had jury duty. He insisted he didn’t know much about the case beforehand or have any views on it. And he also said that he has family members who own guns. A brother-in-law and another loved one in his life also, he said, struggled with addiction. Both passed away.

    Now here’s the interview.

    “We were so focused on the case and listening to the defense and the prosecutor and the witnesses that we were really nervous. What part did I actually become nervous about? Was when the trial was handed over to us. Then it became real. OK, now we — we have to play the part, you know? The defense and the prosecution and all the witnesses, they’re done, OK? Now it’s in our hands,” the juror told Gibson, adding:

    So that’s — that’s when, yes, it had hit home, it got real and I got nervous.

    Gibson then asked the juror about why he wants to remain anonymous, he replied:

    Honestly, this is quite heart-wrenching because this trial that I — like I said, I never expected to be on a trial like this. I was sitting here today and I listened to all the evidence, and, you know, looking at Mr. Biden over there, you can’t help but take some of these things into factor. You know, we’re looking at him. We’re looking at his family. And then at some point, you just got to turn away and, you know, focus more on what the defense is saying, what the prosecution’s saying.

    And so, that’s basically what I started doing. I tried to block the rest of it out and just clipped that Biden is on trial. And it can — it’s just like anybody else, you know? And I believe, you know, they brought that up in court, you know? Nobody’s above the law, you know, no matter who you are.

    And so, that did not play a factor in my decision. And honestly, it was not politically motivated. It’s that we want to know that politics played no part in this whatsoever. So we — again, we just went by the evidence.

    “Were you cognizant of the — of the family members that were there and the first lady being there? Was that something that the jury talked about and noticed?” Gibson followed up.

    “We — I was aware of it. The jury, I know you come in a little bit late, but no. Once we went into the jury room, we didn’t discuss anything. We didn’t discuss the family and we didn’t discuss any part of the case until it was actually given to us, and it was given to us yesterday afternoon. That’s when we were able to talk with one another,” the juror replied.

    Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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