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    Property Transfers: Ottawa County



    The Ottawa County Auditor's Office recorded the following property transfers between June 3 and June 7;

    Bay Township

    0 Darr Hopfinger Road, David Paul and Bridget McDougall to Winke Farmland Holdings, $25,500.


    203 Rose Drive Unit 2, Heidi E Villa to Joseph W. and Rebecca K. Hoffman, $143,000.

    Catawba Township

    4865 E. Wood Duck Court, Robert K. and Diane E. Raymond to William J. Jr. and Ethel G. Dupps, $969,000.

    3750 N. Roger Drive, James D. and Jodie L. Litz, trustees of the Litz Trust, to Neil and Nicole Podach, $475,000.

    2451 Torino Drive, Sunshine Estates Builders to Richard A. and Jennifer K. Cavolo, $727,270.

    3126 NE Catawba Road, Units D4 and D6, Catawba Boat Yard Ventures to Douglas E. and Kimberly A.Kearns, $355,500.

    4445-f Marin Pines, Robert J. McEowen to C and J Worldwide, $420,000.

    4586 E. Cliff Road, Linda Y. O’Brian, trustee, to Bob’s Builders Quality Construction Homes, $2 million.

    4371 Colony Club, Michael D. and Karen . Ferdinandsen to Shawn Wiggins and Loy Wiggins, $515,000.

    Harris Township

    2869 S. Walnut Hill Drive, Jeffrey and Mollie Smale to Erik and Regina Weiss, $370,000.

    350 Toledo St., Scott Bockbrader, et al, to Nathan and Abigail Jackson, $140,000.

    Danbury Township

    9350 E. Harbor Road, William E. and Margaret A. Klaehn to Michael T. and Chelsea L. Zywiec, $420,000.

    2572 Waterside Court, Le Lin to Howard E. Jones, 2572 Waterside Court, $430,000.

    2651 S. Amherst, Charles L. Beamer, trustee of Norma E. Beamer Trust, to Lloyd John III and Gail A. Buckwell, $390,000.

    1921 N. Nan Ave., Vicky Lea Christiansen to Darla. Stacy and Garry D. Stacy, $650,000.

    317 Naoke Ave. Unit 14, Steven and Jane Anderson, to Brad W. and Lisa M. Kostka, $287,000.


    0 Baycliffs (.2190 acres), Janet Nachman to Martha Hessler, trustee of the Martha Hessler Revocable Trust, $11,400.

    0 Baycliffs (.2190 acres), Janet Nachman to Peter and Viol Hessler, $11,400.

    0 Baycliffs (.3272 acres), Janet Nachman to Bradford and Sarah Lamarca, $17,000.

    1209 E. State St., Joseph F. and Linda S. Edinger to John Michael Smarsh, $30,000.

    618 Fulton St., Nathan and Nichole R. Edmonds to Donald E. Conte II, $84,000.

    Put In Bay Township

    1039 W. Shore Blvd., David J. Gundlach to Sarah C. and Kenneth L. Eder, $617,500.

    Oak Harbor

    134 Townline St., Tanner F. Myerholtz to Kaejyn R. Strause, $140,000.

    The News-Messenger/News Herald

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