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    74-Year-Old Woman Found Breathing In Funeral Home After Being Declared Dead At Nursing Home


    Constance Glantz was confirmed dead at the Mulberry nursing home in Waverly, Indiana at the age of 74, after which her body was taken to the Butherus-Maser & Love Funeral Home shortly after. While her body was being prepared, a staff member noticed she was breathing and performed CPR on her before alerting 911.

    Glantz was rushed to a local hospital, where she finally passed hours later. Lancaster County Chief Deputy Ben Houchin is currently leading an investigation into the nursing home, noting that this incident is a first of the sort. An autopsy has been carried out based on the County’s attorney with the final results expected to arrive in about three months.

    The public reacts to news of a live woman in funeral home previously declared deceased
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    Daily Mail shared the news on their social media pages, eliciting reactions from internet users, many of whom were shocked by the creepy report. “Lord have mercy! How could this ever happen?” someone exclaimed. “Wow, this is sad. Unbelievable,” another added.

    Some suspected incompetence from the nursing home, noting that only a medical doctor should declare a patient dead and not a nurse or paramedic. They called for further investigation into the situation, with some clamoring for the hospice staff to be outrightly fired.

    No clues confirming ulterior intent have been discovered

    Houchin clarified that no criminal intent has been identified from the side of the nursing home, adding that staff have been cooperative so far with ongoing investigations. Houchin also apologized to Glantz’s family during the press briefing and promised to get to the bottom of things.
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    The County Chief deputy assured the public that the nursing home would learn from this experience and look into implementing new protocols to avoid a potential reoccurrence. The funeral home also released a statement sending their condolences to Glantz’s aggrieved relatives and thanked Houchi for his quick response.

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