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    The Best $20 You Can Spend At Dollar Tree This Summer

    By Angela Mae,

    15 days ago

    This summer, $20 can go a long way when you shop at Dollar Tree. From pool toys to party supplies and even grilling accessories, you can get ready for some seasonal fun without breaking the bank . Beyond summer-specific items, you can also get everyday household essentials and organizational supplies at very low prices.

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    Here are some of the best things you can purchase under $20 at Dollar Tree this summer.

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    ©Dollar Tree

    Square Luau Paper Party Plates

    Price: $1.25

    Summer is the perfect time for a backyard party, whether it be graduation or a simple get-together with some friends and neighbors to celebrate the changing of seasons.

    At Dollar Tree, you can pick up an array of cheap party supplies and you can even shop for theme, season or event-specific products.

    “Party supplies [like] gift bags, tissue paper and wrapping paper, as well as disposable party supplies (plates, cutlery, napkins, etc.) are a good value,” said Betsy Brook, a stay-at-home homeschooling mother and blogger at Little Beauties Home .

    If you’re looking for disposable party plates, check out the Square Luau Paper Party Plates. They are brightly colored and come in a pack of 12. They are also not easily breakable which makes them perfect for outdoor picnics, grilling parties, luaus and more.

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    ©Dollar Tree

    Translucent Tiki Embossed Plastic Tumblers

    Price: $1.25 each

    These tumblers will go great with your paper plates and other summer party supplies. Available in four colors — green, pink, purple and blue — these tumblers add an extra flair to any cold beverage.

    Not only are these tumblers festive and budget-friendly , but they also won’t crack or shatter when dropped. They are surprisingly durable for the price, which makes them great for outdoor pool parties, picnics and barbecues.

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    ©Dollar Tree

    Fashion Reader Glasses

    Price: $1.50

    If you need a pair of inexpensive reading glasses, consider getting some from Dollar Tree. With such a low price tag, you might even want to get two in case you lose your first pair while swimming or enjoying the summer weather.

    “My eye doctor told me that dollar store eyeglasses are OK so this would be my first $2 spent if I had $20 to spend at Dollar Tree,” said David Bakke, a contributing writer at Dollar Sanity.

    Dollar Tree has a few options of eyeglasses, including these Fashion Reader Glasses. With a strength of 2.00, they help with seeing smaller text while reading books or browsing on your phone. They also come in six different colors, several of which are very summertime-themed.
    ©Dollar Tree

    Expressions From Hallmark – Greeting Cards

    Price: $1.25 or less

    “Hallmark greeting cards are at the Dollar Tree and at amazing prices, some less than $1,” said Brook. “Cards are pricey these days and the quality of cards at the Dollar Tree are great.”

    You can find greeting cards for about $0.50 apiece — or two for $1. The cards come in an array of designs, texts and themes. This means you can save money while still expressing thoughts or congratulations. Additionally, they don’t list the price on the back.

    You don’t have to limit yourself to summertime events either. Stock up ahead of the winter holidays to save yourself from stress and headache before the end of the year.
    ©Dollar Tree

    McCormick Silicone Kitchen Basting Brush

    Price: $1.25

    You won’t find a ton of grilling accessories at Dollar Tree, but there are a few worth checking out this summer. One item is the McCormick Silicone Kitchen Basting Brush. It’s perfect for adding sauce, spreading oil or buttering food while grilling and baking.

    This particular basting brush is easy to clean. You can simply put it on the top rack of your dishwasher and let the machine do the work.

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    ©Dollar Tree

    Office and School Supplies

    Price: Approximately $1.25 per piece

    If you have $20 to spend, you could get quite a few office and school essentials from Dollar Tree. You might not need to use them right away, but they’ll be good to have on hand before the fall.

    “Manila file folders, index cards for flashcards, poster board and decorative letter cutouts, stickers and small white dry erase boards are my top picks for this department,” said Brook.
    ©Dollar Tree

    Foam Pool Noodles

    Price: $1.25 each

    You can get brightly-colored foam pool noodles from Dollar Tree for just $1.25 apiece. They might be simple, but they’re a fun addition to any pool party.

    If you’re having a big get-together with a lot of kids, you can buy approximately 15 of these for under $20 before tax. You’d be surprised at how fast they go when everyone’s using two or three of them at a time.
    ©Dollar Tree

    Special Moments Matted Black Frame

    Price: $1.25

    Year-round, Dollar Tree has simple frames for your photos — usually for about $1.25 each. Whether you plan to have big celebrations this summer, or if you just want to capture the little moments, frames are good to have when you need them. They’re also way less expensive at Dollar Tree than most other places.

    “If you hang your frames correctly, they don’t need to be of high quality. I know this from personal experience,” said Bakke. “Take and post photos of the important stuff, just make sure they are secured correctly.”

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    ©Dollar Tree

    Pet Toys

    Price: $1.25 to $5

    Summertime isn’t just for humans — it’s for pets, too. Check out Dollar Tree’s selection of chew toys and other practical and fun pet accessories. You can get a lot for just $20.

    “Ever have a pet that hasn’t destroyed a new toy? That’s where the dollar store fits in perfectly,” said Bakke. “Keep your money in your wallet and let your pet have their fun.”

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