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    Why a Gas Griddle Is the Best Buy for Your Wallet at Aldi in June

    By Josephine Nesbit,

    25 days ago
    JHVEPhoto /

    It’s easy to splurge when you walk down Aldi’s “aisle of shame,” but you can still find some great deals!

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    Aldi is known for its low prices, and the chain recently announced its savings event to put $100 million back into customer’s wallets. To help you save money in June, here are some of the best Aldi finds.

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    Runner-Up: Aldi Collapsible Box Bag

    For only $5.99, the Aldi Collapsible Box Bag is a steal. Similar bags on Amazon are more than twice the price of Aldi’s.

    The tote works for a wide variety of uses, including groceries, camping or a day at the beach, and it folds completely flat for easy storage. The bag has a floral design in Aldi’s signature colors – blue, orange, red, white and yellow – and each bag has two long carrying handles and two smaller handles.

    Runner-Up: Belavi 3-Tier Wooden Plant Shelves

    Aldi has sold a wooden plant ladder stand for the past several years, but it recently introduced a new version of the Belavi 3-Tier Wooden Plant Shelves, and dropped the price!

    According to Aldi Reviewer, the stand was originally $34.99 when it was introduced in 2022. The price dropped by $5 in May 2023 and another $10 ($19.99) in May 2024. The current model is slightly smaller, but Aldi Reviewer said it costs less than most similar plant shelves on Amazon.

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    Winner: Range Master 17″ Tabletop Gas Griddle

    Aldi’s Range Master 17″ Tabletop Gas Griddle is the June winner. The $59.99 tabletop gas griddle is only available between June 5 and June 11, which means that once it’s gone, it won’t return until next year. The grill costs $20 less than it did in 2022, and the Aldi Reviewer reported that the 2024 price is the lowest price they’ve seen this Aldi griddle sell for. The publication also noted that the price is lower than other gas griddles they found, even ones that are the same size.

    Aldi says the grill is great for camping or tailgating, and the 2024 model includes 260 square inches of cooking area, a pre-seasoned steel griddle top, 18,000 BTUs of cooking power, a push-and-turn ignition and a two-year limited warranty. The griddle uses a standard one-pound propane canister, which is not included. You can’t buy the canister at Aldi, but you can find it at places like Walmart, Target or home improvement stores.

    This article originally appeared on : Why a Gas Griddle Is the Best Buy for Your Wallet at Aldi in June

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