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    3 Olympians Reveal Their Money Splurges

    By Cameron Diiorio,

    24 days ago
    Matt Slocum/AP/Shutterstock / Matt Slocum/AP/Shutterstock

    With the summer Olympics just around the corner, American athletes will make their way into the international spotlight, featured in magazines, interviews and on our TV screens.

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    It’s not surprising that Olympians, especially those with numerous accolades, make a large profit off of brand endorsements and even from gold, silver and bronze medal earnings.

    So what do these Olympians spend their money on? Three Olympians reveal their biggest splurges.

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    Simone Biles

    Perhaps the most well-known on this list, Simone Biles is a four time Summer Olympic gold medalist and widely considered one of the greatest female gymnasts of all time.

    “The accomplished 22-year-old doesn’t take her success, or the money she’s earned from it, for granted,” said CNBC in an article.

    Biles has stated in interviews that she fears going broke. Thus, she tends to be more frugal than other high earners. She has stated she only treats herself when she has accomplished something great — and with countless medals under her belt, it is clear she has accomplished what the average person cannot.

    For her next big splurge, Biles has gone on the record and said she would like to purchase a matte black G-Wagon.

    Adam Rippon

    Olympic medalist Adam Rippon, representing the United States in figure skating, is no stranger to the occasional splurge in order to reward himself.

    “[Rippon] dropped $6,300 on a gold Cartier Love Bracelet as motivation to do well at the 2018 winter games,” CNBC said.

    That pricey bracelet seemingly paid off — he took home a Bronze medal as part of the American figure skating team.

    Frederick Richard

    Making his first Olympic appearance this year for Team USA, gymnast Frederick Richard has revealed that he too has some guilty pleasure he finds himself indulging in.

    “Olympic gymnast Frederick Richard did some mental gymnastics to justify spending more than a tank of gas for a mid-sized sedan on a salad from DoorDash,” said OutKick in an article.

    Richard revealed that he sometimes spends $70 on food delivery — and that’s just for a salad. He justifies the high costs of his salads by telling himself that he is paying for healthy food, not junk food.

    He will tip DoorDash drivers, too, sometimes upwards of $100 for their delivery. Though maybe not as flashy as a luxury vehicle or diamond bracelets, food delivery adds up over time.

    It seems to be that these Olympians, just like most people, have their guilty pleasures they like to splurge on.

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