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    7 Summer Side Hustles That Could Pay $1,000 a Week or More

    By J. Arky,

    20 days ago
    MartinPrescott /

    As school lets out and the weather heats up, it’s time to get a summer job — even if you already have a full-time occupation that you’ll be clocking into from June through September! Summer side hustles are nothing new and you don’t have to be a teenager to work one. In fact, summer gigs can work wonders for adding some extra cash into your bank account no matter where you find yourself in life.

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    Depending on the amount of time and effort you put in, these gigs could even pay $1,000 per week and often higher. And the best part is that you don’t have to quit your day job in the meantime.

    Here are the seven summer side hustles that could pay $1,000 a week or more.

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    Landscaping is one popular summer side hustle that has the potential to earn $1,000 per week if you land enough work, according to Tom Blake, the managing editor at WebMonkey .

    “The easiest way to get started would be to find a local landscaping company that’s looking for short-term help,” Blake said. “General landscape labor can often pay $18 to $25 per hour or even more depending on the market, so you could earn a chunk of your $1,000 weekly goal by working a few mornings.”

    If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can level up your income by starting your own landscaping side business by using a platform like Lawn Love .

    “This gig app connects homeowners and landscapers, so you can effectively launch your own landscaping business as an independent contractor,” Blake said. “You set your own rates and availability. Lawn Love even advertises that you can make $1,000 or more per week through its platform.”

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    Looking to get that summer bod while also making some extra dough? Becoming a mover is a way to do a 2-for-1 workout and side hustle.

    Moving can “pay quite well if you’re able-bodied enough,” according to Nick Valentino, vice president of market operations of Bellhop Atlanta Movers .

    “There are plenty of weekend hours available if that fits your schedule, or you can work all week long, especially if you’re off from school.”

    Valentino noted that someone can “…find moving companies that are hiring just about anywhere in the country.”

    Web Design

    Freelancing is the original side hustle, whether you do it in the summertime exclusively or all year round. If you have a knack for web development, why not try and turn that into an additional money maker which allows you to work inside and stay cool.

    “You can easily get an average hourly rate of $50-$100+ per hour for skilled freelancers,” said Julia Lozanov, chief editor at Verpex. “To earn $1,000+ per week you need to complete 10-15 hours of billable client work per week at the higher end of the pay range ($80-$100/hour). This will require having in-demand web development skills, finding and landing clients, and strong project management to deliver high-quality work efficiently.”

    Lozanov explained how the key to earning $1,000 or more per week when it comes to side gigs is by “leveraging your skills and flexibility to [maximize] your hourly rate and number of billable hours.”

    Pet Sitting

    The average pet sitter can earn about $16 an hour for taking care of furry friends while their owners are away on vacation or out to work. Oftentimes that rate of pay goes up — often to $24 or more — and that can sometimes be negotiated higher depending on if there is additional care the pets need, specialized training or the requirement to stay at home with the animal for days at a time.

    “Dog sitting is a great side gig as it offers quality time with man’s best friend, while also making money,” said Emily Blocher, a pet sitter based out of Los Angeles. “It’s such a gift to set your own rate and schedule. Also, it gets you outdoors for a little exercise with a furry companion. It’s always a bonus to become friends with the family, too!”


    There are some big bucks to be made this summer by tutoring students who might be taking an additional semester of classes or looking to keep up with the material while on break. Either way, you can make a good amount of dough by aiding in their studies with private tutoring sessions. You can earn approximately $35 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter.

    “This means with several clients, you can earn $1,000 per week with about 28 hours of tutoring,” Blake explained, breaking down the math. “Many parents still want their children to continue their education over summer or prep for the year ahead, so tutors are still in demand. If you can’t find local clients, there’s always online tutoring platforms like and Chegg as well.”

    Food Delivery

    Food delivery gigs are a lucrative method to add some extra money into your checking account this summer.

    “Companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats pay you to deliver food to people in your city,” Blake said. “Pay can vary depending on your market and the time of day you deliver. But between base pay and customer tips, earning $15 to $25 per hour is sometimes possible.”

    Blake highlighted that food delivery gigs are “…also a great summer gig since in some markets, you can deliver with a bike or scooter and not just your car. This lets you save money on gas while also enjoying the warmer weather during your deliveries.”

    Officiate Weddings

    Summer means that not only is it the time for barbecues and vacations, but it is wedding season as well. Rather than try to scrounge up catering jobs at the local event center, try your hand at officiating weddings.

    According to Side Hustle Nation, each year the United States has approximately 2.5 million weddings that each have an average cost of about $28,000. Officiants are always needed to make the marriage official, which means that you can set your price starting around $300 an hour.

    Most officiants are required to arrive an hour before the ceremony, stay through the nuptials and perhaps take a few pictures, which means that you could earn $1,000 in one day or a couple grand with multiple weddings over the course of a weekend.

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