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What are the Most Effective At-Home Bicep Workouts

What are the Most Effective At-Home Bicep WorkoutsPhoto byby [Alma Curry]

Who would not want a stronger and toned-up body? Having all muscles and no fat in the body is a dream of every fitness enthusiast. However, starting from the upper limbs is crucial when you embark on your fitness journey. 

If you do not find time to join a gym, no worries; we have you! For a novice, it is hard to comprehend which exercises they should include in their workout plan. And this subject is of a great deal since one wrong exercise can leave you with a long-term muscle injury. To play safe, it is significant to create a workout plan that is effective yet easygoing. 

So, considering upper limbs, are you looking for at-home bicep workouts? If yes, you are on the right page. In this blog post, we will enlist the most effective at home bicep workout for you. So, get ready for muscular and perfectly ripped biceps! 

At-Home Bicep Workouts for Beginners

If you are a beginner in the world of fitness, you need to start by strengthening your muscles. Jumping directly on heavy workouts may cause you muscular injury. So, check out the following exercises to begin with, and after muscle strengthening, you can move on to muscle-building exercises. 

Backpack Curl

Do you have no access to gym equipment? Don’t worry! Backpack curl is an exercise that enhances muscle strengthening and requires no gym equipment. To perform this exercise, the only thing you require is a backpack. 

So, what you have to do is to hold the straps of your empty backpack. Keep your feet at least a shoulder width apart. Furthermore, the arms should be at your sides. Now, bring it to your chest by bending your elbows. In the same way, straighten your elbows slowly to lower the backpack and repeat the procedure again. In this way, your upper limbs will be squeezed, resulting in the strengthening of your biceps. 

For novices, it would be best to perform three sets a day by performing this exercise 8 to 12 times a set. 

Bent Knee Push-ups 

You might be wondering if this is a regular push-up exercise, but no! Bent knee push-ups involve bending your knees and targeting your biceps to strengthen your arms’ muscles. 

To perform this exercise, kneel on the floor and keep your feet together. Now, place your palms (only a few inches apart from each other) on the floor just like a regular push-up exercise, ensuring that your neck and back are in a neutral position. Also, your core must be firm and tight in this position. Now, push your body towards the floor ensuring to target your biceps, and pull up your body by straightening your elbows. 

Try incorporating it into your routine to strengthen your muscles. We suggest you perform it thrice daily, doing at least 10 reps in a set.

Wall Handstand  

To perform a wall handstand, you just need a wall and nothing else. You can do this exercise without any assistance, and the results are surprising. It helps in strengthening upper limbs incredibly. 

For this exercise, stand a few feet away from a wall and place your hands on the ground by bending from the waist. Also, make sure that your hands are around a foot apart. Now place your feet on that wall and start walking on your hands, ensuring the right posture of your head and arms. 

Once you learn how to do this exercise, it will be easy and fun. But the results will be wonderful. Lastly, try performing this exercise twice a day. 

Best Bicep Workouts to Perform at Home - Bodyweight Bicep Workouts

Once you have strengthened your arms, it is time to move forward. The next step is to incorporate exercises to build biceps. So, let’s take a look at the at-home exercise options to build muscles: 

Wide Biceps Curl

Performing this exercise is easy, with shocking results. So, if you want to build biceps, stand straight with a shoulder-width gap between your feet and lift your arms outside at the height of your shoulders. Now, face your palms inwards, bend your elbows at a right angle, and then extend them right to the sides and repeat the procedure. 

In this exercise, you do not have to lift any weight, yet it helps build strong and firm biceps. To witness prominent results, perform this exercise thrice a day by making at least 20 reps in a set


It is thought that the Chinup exercise does not help in building biceps. Well, this is not the case! Yes, it actually focuses on the shoulders and upper back, but it also targets the biceps when performed intensely. 

Chinup can be performed by using a stand with a horizontal bar. So grab the bar with a firm grip, but ensure there is at least a foot gap between your hands. Now, hang from the bar and cross your feet to make it a hardcore exercise. Perform this exercise by lifting yourself to your chin and then lowering yourself. Repeat the procedure for at least 20 reps. 

Since this is an intense workout, you can start performing it once daily and increase the frequency with your increasing stamina. 

Final Takeaway 

Building muscles is not like gaining weight. It requires hard work, consistency, and time. But these days, no one has the time to go to the gym regularly and spare some time to maintain their body physique. For this purpose., you must be able to plan out and perform workouts in the comfort of your home. Right?

Starting your workout regimen may be challenging at first, but once you get the motivation, any spot can be a gym for you! So, if you want to have toned-up and perfectly ripped biceps, you need to start exercising from this moment. 

In addition, it is recommended to start with something light yet effective so that you do not go through any muscle injury or soreness. So, follow the above exercises and their guidelines to begin with. In no time, you will achieve your dream biceps! 

Let's consult our experts and get their take on this topic. See their opinions below:

At-home bicep workouts are effective for building arm strength and muscle without a gym. Push-ups and bicep curls using household items like water bottles or resistance bands are highly recommended. Push-ups engage the biceps along with chest and triceps, providing a balanced upper-body workout. Bicep curls with improvised weights isolate the biceps; hold a water bottle or resistance band in each hand, palms facing up, and curl towards your shoulders. Focus on quality reps with proper form, gradually increasing resistance, sets, and reps for best results. If possible, incorporate chin-ups or pull-ups using a suitable bar or sturdy surface for added benefits.

Dalvir, Founder at Sportssio

The most effective at home bicep workout starts with the right rep range. Use a weight you can handle for 12-15 repetitions. This will ensure the most time under tension. Dumbbells, resistance bands, or even milk jugs work! Anything so you can pump your arms. Effective workouts use full range of motion, remembering to squeeze at the top and stretch at the bottom. Don’t cheat your form, breathe rhythmically, and rest 30 to 60 seconds between sets. The biceps are relatively small muscles, so hit them hard from different angles. An effective bicep workout includes 3 to 5 exercises for 3 sets. An example dumbbell workout could be alternating biceps curls, hammer curls, W curls, and reverse curls.

Shalom, ACE Certified Personal Trainer at

The writer, an experienced traveller, CEO, and fitness enthusiast, shares effective at-home bicep workouts. These include Concentration Curls (2 sets of 10 reps per arm), Hammer Curls (2 sets of 10-12 reps), and Push-ups (2-3 sets of 15 reps). They stress the importance of proper form, warm-up, and listening to one's body for safety and efficiency.

Yulia Saf, CEO at Miss Tourist

a) Dumbbell Curls: A pure staple in any bodybuilding or workout routine is the dumbbell curl. Simply, grab a pair of dumbbells and flex your arm to complete the curl. b) Hammer Curls: Similar to regular curls but with a neutral grip, these engage the long head of the biceps a bit more and even include the brachioradialis for more forearm strength. c) Resistance Band Curl: Bands are super versatile tools that can be bought anywhere. I often bring a pair of bands when I am out on the road and recommend clients to do the same. Simply anchor the band down with your feet, grab your band and curl.

Adrian Todd, Therapist at

Effective at-home bicep workouts focus on different muscle areas: the long head, short head, and brachialis. The key exercises include Concentration curls, which isolate and engage both bicep heads; Hammer curls, targeting the brachialis; and Incline curls, stretching the long head for increased peak. Each exercise can be done with simple household items like dumbbells or bottles, and should be performed in sets of 10-15 reps for optimal results.

Robert Pustowar, Founder at

The resistance band bicep curl is an incredibly effective at-home exercise, providing constant tension for maximum bicep engagement. Unlike a standing curl, where tension is highest in the middle to top range, the resistance band amplifies tension as it stretches. This guarantees a real burn during the workout. When hitting the gym isn't an option, the resistance band becomes a reliable alternative, offering various strength levels suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced.

Imran Ahmed, Founder of Muscle Dense

Disclaimer: This article is written by Alma Curry Author at Meridian Fitness & Spa.






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