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Real estate sales in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties for Sept. 24, 2023

By Josh Jenke, Peoria Journal Star,


These real estate transactions, recorded the week of Sept. 11, are compiled from information on file with Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


109 Rosaria Ave., Bartonville: Robert I., Shirley J. and Dale L. Flier to Spencer Flier, $80,000.

1307 N. Hoyt St., Chillicothe: Jillian Dunn to Spencer S. Labombard, $82,000.

1120 W. Hanssler Place, Peoria: Pedro E. Vicente to Salvador N. Tinajero III, $86,500.

9456 W. Lake Camelot Drive, Mapleton: Tiffany C. and Donald E. Bragdon to Jarod Reatherford and Jacob Stewart, $89,000.

7609 S. Jefferson St., Bartonville: Martin A. and Alexandria M. Ellenburg to Tia Weber, $90,000.

1205 E. McClure Ave., Peoria: Sam Russell and New Testament Fellowship Christian Community Church to Christopher and Taylor Smith, $91,180.

5516 E. Fleet St., Chillicothe: Joseph A. Volpe and Susan E. Devries to Arthur Roethler, $92,000.

6101 S. Madison St., Bartonville: Fred K. and Jamie L. Hansen to Khrista Towle, $98,000.

4444 N. Knoxville Ave., Peoria: Lisa Faulk to Kathleen Winders, $99,900.

218 E. Odell Place, Peoria: Brandi L. Bugar to Carmel J. Remmert, $105,000.

2211 W. Overhill Road, Peoria: Cheryl S. Simpson to Odi and Khanthaly Sophanavong, $110,000.

1205 N. Santa Fe Ave., Chillicothe: Clifford E. and Kay L. Van Meter to Sara Meyer, $115,000.

2701 W. Rohmann Ave., West Peoria: Lucas Ginder to Phillip A. Locklear and Clarence R. Stevens, $130,000.

904 W. Broadmoor St., Peoria: United States of America Veterans Affairs to Abraham Ghantous, $140,000.

4217 W. Streitmatter Road, Edelstein: Nathan J. Plattner to Katelyn M. Heinz, $145,000.

1908 W. Blackberry Lane, Peoria: Matthew R. and Danielle S. Colgan to Scott Carlson and Melissa Warner Carlson, $145,300.

1029 N. Country Lane, Peoria: Christina Ailshie to William H. Tubbs Jr., $150,000.

634 E. Marietta Ave., Peoria Heights: Brad W. Chernauski to Jacob R. Copeland, $152,000.

117 W. Clinton St., Brimfield: Emily a. Mathias to Jaclyn P. Mooney, $155,000.

4549 N. Thornhill Drive, Peoria: Naseem Khan to Arlene Richards, $170,500.

303 N. Kickapoo Terrace, Peoria: Drew W. Flinn to Betty Roos, $175,000.

415 W. Main St., Princeville: Julie A. Ingrao to Robert M. and Jennifer Carruthers, $175,000.

5407 W. Clearview Lane, Peoria: Lodging Properties LLC to Doyle and Allison S. Saylor, $175,000.

400 W. Melbourne Ave., Peoria: Jenna Doty to Kevin H. and Maryann Baetz, $185,000.

2824 N. Millbrook Drive, Peoria: Paul and Turanna Hart to Travis Gough, $190,000.

317 S. Edwards Ave., Princeville: Francy W. Devries to Travis and Ashley Hess, $199,900.

4016 N. North St., Peoria: David R. Bauer to Emily K. and Matthew K. Barker, $215,000.

2 Graham Ave., Bartonville: Thomas E. and Carolyn Becher to Brian and Alyssa Newmister, $230,000.

1209 N. Wood Road, Peoria: Jeffory Wood to David Kallister, $230,000.

7011 N. Wildlife Drive, Peoria: Alexander C. McIntosh to Jake Starkey and Maria Shadid, $250,000.

1212 & 1240 NE Jefferson Ave., Peoria, 307, 309 & 311 Spring St., Peoria, 308 & 312 Voris St., Peoria, and 1201 & 1215 NE Adams St., Peoria: Cobatco Corp. to Donald O. and Amy L. Stephens, $285,000.

1021 W. Brookforest Drive, Peoria: Simon and Chantal Bechara to Jacob and Karlee Retz, $290,000.

12121 N. Old Hickory Grove Lane, Dunlap: Judith A. O'Neil to Michael J. O'Neil, $300,000.

6705 N. Grand Fir Drive, Edwards: Carol S. Donton to Bradley and Deena Vicary, $315,000.

4502 S. Misty Isle Point, Mapleton: Douglas M. Frese to Mark W. and Melody L. Carel, $320,000.

3825 N. Linden Lane, Peoria: Keith and Vanessa Hollingshead Cook to Cartus Financial Corporation, $325,000.

3825 N. Linden Lane, Peoria: Cartus Financial Corporation to Jason and Claire E. Wynn, $325,000.

7706 W. Brandon Court, Mapleton: Jeffrey M. and Kristy A. O'Donnell to Phillip and Carolyn Malcolm, $353,000.

409 W. Pinto Drive, Edelstein: Andrew A. and Julie A. Bushell to Wayne Jr. and Valerie Trent, $365,000.

9625 W. Grange Hall Road, Edwards: James B. and Laurie Gerst to Bradley J. and Sarah R. Gerst, $374,900.

10509 W. Riekena Road, Mapleton: Janet C. and Rick A. Look to Kyle D. and Kristen M. Reynolds, $393,000.

9808 W. Brimfield-Jubilee Road, Dunlap: Dean E. and Beth A. Buchholz to Sheila and Philip Berger, $420,000.

3916 W. Crestridge Court, Peoria: Terry A. and Marilyn S. Cordis to Wesley Houston and Rachael Jacobs, $425,000.

8128 N. Crab Orchard Court, Peoria: Barrett J. Byers and Azelia A. Clar to Mohammad and Rida M. Gareeb, $445,000.

11002 N. Onyx Lane, Dunlap: Sean P. and Maureen S. Sullivan to Gregory Huston, $520,000.


1120 S. Capitol St., Pekin: Danielle N. and Nicholas W. Gremminger to Brock Lohman, $86,000.

1024 Washington St., Pekin: Julie A. and Michael D. Funk to Dawn M. and Robert Taylor, $90,000.

107 Gardner Ave., East Peoria: Kimberley A. Sams to Nicole Flynn, $92,000.

1202 S. 5th St., Pekin: Parker T. Ernst to Megan Conrad, $105,000.

1005 Summer St., Pekin: Colin W. and Sharon D. Allison to Randall S. Mahring II, $108,000.

320 Arrow St., Pekin: Dao K. Quach to Myles J. Bridgmon and Kori D. Dewitt, $125,000.

1112 Summer St., Pekin: Collin Duley to Duane Fitzgerald and Marcia McCoy, $125,000.

241 Briargate Road, Washington: Elizabeth M. and Matthew C. Yost to Miranda and Oscar Garibay, $125,000.

407 N. West St., Tremont: Gulette Construction LLC to Caleb Willmert, $127,500.

Parcel Number 04-04-36-324-025, Tazewell County: Braden and Kelcee Tovrea to Steven Schroeder Jr., $130,000.

119 Lincoln Blvd., North Pekin: Barbara Angle, Carol Arms, Bonnie Beard, Erica Bolton, Mark Newlun and Judy Smith to Sara L. and Wesley A. Lovell, $135,200.

2232 Mar Vista Drive, Washington: James E. and Kathleen F. Uphoff to Benjamin Armstrong, $148,500.

13233 Cedar St., Manito: Makayla Vanduker to Bradley and Jaclyn Wilson, $148,500.

2116 Marigold Drive, Pekin: Lisa K. Davis to Jesse Semonski, $159,000.

2028 Second Ave., Morton: Megan Hickey to Ngun H. Iang and Henry V. Lian, $170,000.

1901 Chestnut Lane, Washington: Jon C. and Shelley M. Armstrong and Jayne M. O'Brien to Shelley M. Armstrong, $171,000.

113 Lafayette Lane, East Peoria: Cornelia and Raymond D. Purdue to Barbara E. and Richard L. Light, $175,000.

145 Tanglewood Lane, East Peoria: Brian Brodnick to Cartus Financial Corporation, $175,000.

145 Tanglewood Lane, East Peoria: Cartus Financial Corporation to Cole Passie, $175,000.

112 Jay Ave., Morton: Frances and Robert J. Gonstal to Carolyn Delahr, $179,000.

4 Thomas Court, Tremont: Cathy G. and Steven J. Berchtold to Darlene G. Johnson, $200,000.

117-127 Peddlers Way, Washington: Deborah L. Myers to South Washington Square Condominiums LLC, $200,000.

306 Delshire Ave., Pekin: Mark Rothert to Alexandria and Martin Ellenburg, $215,000.

109 Greenbriar Court, East Peoria: Cherie L. and Daniel J. Montgomery to Jeffery L. and Patricia A. McGuire, $221,000.

1005 Brighton Ave., Mackinaw: Andrew K. and Christina Frank to Clinton W. Goff, $222,900.

612 E. Polk St., Morton: Jill C. and Douglas L. Huette to Joseph S. Rohde, $230,000.

237 Wildwood Drive, Groveland: Carmel J. Remmert to Allison R. Horton and John J. Pirelli, $241,000.

199 Heritage Drive, Mackinaw: Jacob Retz and Karlee Vanderpool to Jesse J.D. Gulke, $263,000.

102 Charity Lane, East Peoria: Pamela K. and Steven H. Young to Chad A. and Jessica A. Ballard, $280,000.

21718 Connell Road, Tremont: Amanda L. and Chad M. Malueg to Christopher II and Jorden Heaton, $290,000.

15690 Herberger Road, Mackinaw: Mark A. and Mary T. Allen to James and Laurie Gerst, $341,000.


104 N. 3rd St., Roanoke: Vickie S. Paluska to Daniel and Victoria Currier, $80,000.

401 S. Henry St., Eureka: Richard A. and Wendy L. Olson to Cartus Financial Corporation, $229,500.

311 W. Kauffman St., Congerville: James and Mary Hinrichsen to Deborah and Fannie Fear, $374,900.

1327 Amanda Drive, Metamora: Scott M. and Kristin M. Mervis to Nicholas and Megan Bernitt, $677,000.

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