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Lakers Hall Of Famer Supports LeBron James' Claim That Bronny Is Better Than Some Active Players

By Staff Writer,


LeBron's wild claim has some supporters.

Do you remember last week when LeBron James sent out an interesting tweet, implying that his son, Bronny James, was better than some players in the NBA ?

If not, don't worry, the tweet is right here for you:

This tweet was sent out at 8:43 p.m. on Monday, March 6. Definitely late enough in the day to assume LeBron had maybe had a few glasses of wine, but still, a tweet that remains on his Twitter to this day. So clearly, he stands by it.

Our All Lakers expert Alex Kirschenbaum did some great detective work to see if Bronny could, in fact, be better than some players in the NBA, which you can read here.

However, while Kirschenbaum wasn't so sure about the verdict, Lakers Hall of Fame center and current NBA personality Shaquille O'Neal was. And he shared on his podcast that he agrees with LeBron's statement regarding his son — but somehow made it an even bigger insult than LeBron's tweet.

"He’s right," Shaq said. "There’s a lot of bums in this league stealing money. And I said it how I f****** said it."

Well. There you have it. On Shaq's The Big Podcast , he made it very clear that Bronny would be better than some of the "bums" in the NBA. His words, not mine.

O'Neal has turned into one of NBA's greatest television personalities on TNT's Inside the NBA, however, he has also been known to not really know a lot about the current NBA — and definitely likes trashing its players.

So while LeBron used his tweet to bring Bronny up, Shaq pretty much used his podcast to bring some of the NBA's players down. But, hey, either way, he's still agreeing with LeBron. So, power to Bronny I guess! When he enters the league in a few years, it sounds like he'll be far from its worst player.

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