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MSNBC's Chris Hayes Mocks Fox News Over Network's 'Deranged' Segment On 'Outbreak Of Woke Banks’

By Connor Surmonte,


MSNBC star Chris Hayes mocked Fox News this week after the conservative news network blamed “woke-ism” for the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, has learned.

On Tuesday, less than one week after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank marked the second-largest bank failure in United States history, Fox News aired a series of reports claiming the financial institution failed because it was “too woke.”

But according to MSNBC’s Hayes, SVB collapsed in large part due to the fact former President Donald Trump “deregulated the banks” and eased Great Recession-era restrictions on banks such as SVB in 2018.

“The Trump-aligned Republican Party has to come up with some sort of cover story that papers over this inherent ideological contradiction,” Hayes said this week. “It’s not an easy task.”

“And I have to – credit where due – tip my cap because they landed on a truly, comically, preposterous one,” the MSNBC host continued. “Folks, we’ve got an outbreak of woke banks.”

Hayes then went on to play a montage of various different Fox News stars and guests blaming “wokeness” for SVB’s collapse on Friday – including clips featuring Tucker Carlson , Florida Governor Ron DeSantis , and GOP House Rep. James Comer .

“The Obama Administration Eric Holder – swooped, in and imposed DEI – diversity, equity, and inclusion standards on the entire financial sector,” Carlson claimed in one clip. “And that’s one of the main reasons our big banks are now increasingly incompetent.”

“This bank, they’re so concerned with DEI and politics and all kinds of stuff,” said DeSantis in another clip. “I think that really diverted from them focusing on the core mission.”

“They were one of the most woke banks,” added Comer. “They made loans to very risky ventures based more on their liberal wokeness than on the actual ability for that borrower to pay the loans back.”

But despite Fox News’ claims that SVB failed because it was “too woke,” Hayes pointed out one problem: billionaire Republican Peter Thiel used the now-collapsed bank to deposit his money before SVB failed on Friday.

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“To be clear, this was the bank that Peter Thiel – the big Trump backer, the big billionaire right-wing dude, his funds put their money there,” Hayes emphasized. “This was the bank of the Silicon Valley tech bros. This bank. The woke bank.”

“That’s right,” the MSNBC host added. “The woke wokesters almost woke the economy. Are you tracking this?”

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