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Michael Jordan's Daughter Thinks Her Father Could Have Made 'Trillions' From NIL Deals

By Aikansh Chaudhary,


Michael Jordan's daughter reveals why she thinks her father could have become a trillionaire by signing NIL deals.

Credit: Fadeaway World

Michael Jordan is usually known for his acumen on the hardwood when he played basketball for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. But apart from being arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, Jordan also created a financial empire after retiring from the league.

Sure, he earned a lot of money from his contracts with the Chicago Bulls , but that has never been the real source of Jordan's wealth. He became the highest-paid athlete of all-time thanks to his association with Nike. However, as per MJ's daughter, Jasmine, her father could have become a trillionaire had he signed NIL deals during his time in North Carolina.

"Maybe that first Nike deal wouldn’t have been as low as it was,” Jasmine said per Footwear News . “It would have changed the game. He would have potentially approached his contracts with Nike differently. Looking at his Funko Pop collectibles or the fact that people still wear his UNC jersey, to reap the benefits from it today, we’re talking making trillions at this point."

Jasmine further states how she plans to executive this plan with women athletes associated with the Jordan Brand.

"We know the guys are going to get bags — everybody’s going to go after [high school stars] DJ Wagner and Bronny [James],” she said. “Our approach to NIL has been focused on women. Also, it’s full-fledged, long-term relationships for us. It’s not about collecting whatever check that you can because you did a quick post on Instagram. If we’re signing you, we’re signing you for your college years or resigning you from high school into college and a maybe pro. And when we do sign you, it’s because you want to be here, it’s because you understand it’s a two-way street."

Jasmine Jordan certainly has great ideas for the Jordan Brand moving forward. While her father may have missed out on becoming a trillionaire by not signing NIL deals during his NBA career, he may still have a shot at becoming one as a businessman.

What Has Michael Jordan Spent His Money On?

Michael Jordan may not be a trillionaire, but he is still a billionaire. It is evident that Jordan loves to live a lavish lifestyle and flaunt his wealth when required.

For example, anyone would fall in love with Michael Jordan's expensive and lavish car collection featuring several supercars .

But Mike hasn't used all his money to just buy cars. In fact, when we take a look at the top 10 most expensive purchases by Jordan , his acquisition of the Charlotte Hornets stands out the most.

Apart from that, Jordan has also used his immense wealth to purchase several beautiful mansions, yachts, watches, and whatnot.

Michael Jordan Made A Lot Of Donations

Michael Jordan is one of the most influential people on the planet. It's obvious that whatever Jordan does or says holds a lot of weight. So, had MJ spent his wealth on just purchasing things for him, that would have been wrong. Fortunately, Jordan is not like that.

In fact, he is one of the most humble athletes out there when it comes to helping people in need. It is evident from the fact that Jordan has donated over $100 million to communities for hurricane relief, medical clinics, and racial equality .

Even when Jordan's docuseries, 'The Last Dance' made an additional $2 million, he didn't keep it for himself. Instead, Jordan donated the money to food banks across the country .

All things considered, Jordan is not only the greatest basketball player of all time, but he is also a great human being.

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