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Publix confirms discontinued item – and shoppers miss the ‘amazing’ treat

By Suzanne Blake,


PUBLIX has confirmed a favorite dessert product was discontinued, but customers are holding on to hope that the treat might make its way back to stores.

Grocery stores often switch up their product lineup to make room for new inventory, but shoppers aren’t always pleased when their favorite foods disappear from shelves.
The Blueberry Cobbler Ice Cream made quite an impact on shoppers

Publix shoppers began expressing fear when they noticed the beloved Blueberry Cobbler Ice Cream was no longer on shelves.

Publix finally confirmed the removal of the Blueberry Cobbler Ice Cream from its shelves this month, but there is a hint of hope in the air.

After all, Publix took to Twitter to ask its fans which product should make a comeback.

Twitter user @magsmaggie319 said: “Blueberry Cobbler Ice Cream. It was a one summer limited time thing and it was amazing.”

Publix responded right back: “I agree!”

This could indicate the flavor could return in summer 2023.

Until that happens though, shoppers will likely have to stick with alternatives like Breyer’s Very Berry Cobbler flavor or the healthier Halo Top Blueberry Crumble.

Publix’s brand of ice cream has been well received by shoppers across the country, with specialty flavors like Pecan Turtle Fudge, Irish Creme Salted Caramel, and Peanut Butter Pie regularly stealing the show.

Many shoppers say Publix is their favorite store brand ice cream of all time.

“It is usually easy to scoop and it’s smooth and creamy and has great flavors,” one Redditor revealed as their rationale to favoring the brand.

Other shoppers have recommended Publix’s name brand sliced cheeses, fresh baked bread, and bakery items.


Publix isn’t the only grocer that received some backlash after getting rid of fan favorite items.

Kroger also recently discontinued a range of popular items - that includes its wildly famous Private Selection Southern BBQ chips.

The supermarket giant has also axed its lactose-free chocolate milk and stopped selling another popular brand of ice cream.

Buffalo ranch popcorn, oat and granola cereal and select seltzer waters also said goodbye to customers recently.

Meanwhile, at Target, many of shoppers’ favorite Archer Farms and Simply Balanced snacks disappeared after the chain introduced its new line, Good & Gather.

To this day, shoppers are missing their Buffalo wing potato chips, coconut lime cashews, and chocolate overload ice cream, but the chain has not made any effort to replace them.


While consumers are often shocked to see a fan favorite product disappear, the reasons for the discontinuation come down to low sales in most cases.

If a product isn’t selling well or is too expensive to keep in stores anymore, retailers will look for new inventory.

Occasionally, grocers remove products due to supply chain or safety concerns.

If enough shoppers complain about a product, it is likely to get axed as well.

Four fast food chains have discontinued a beloved iconic American staple.

Starbucks is also under the heat for discontinuing an ingredient that coffee aficionados love in their everyday drinks.

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