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The St. Helens Chronicle

Letter: Very little is being done

By Voices of the Community,


I just read the letter from Mr. Turner regarding homelessness in America.

I found little fact in his theory of why people are homeless and not one viable idea of how the problem could be addressed. He seems to be saying it is the banking industry and poor individual finance management causing the problem.

Most people living and the street have mental issues, drug problems, have suffered a major life changing event like the loss of a job which led to falling deep into debt. Does any really think people want to be homeless and on the street?

Once a person has found themself homeless and on the street it is very hard start over. The resources are limited. Where do the take a shower and get clothes to go to a job interview?

Homelessness is not as simple as Mr. Turner suggests. Another percentage of homeless population are veterans who may have resources available but do not know how to access them. No one is searching them out to help them get off the street certainly not the government who they served.

The one think Mr. Turner is correct about there is lot of empty talk about solving the problem but very little is actually be done.

Patrick Klein

St. Helens

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