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The Bobby Bones Show

Lunchbox Shares Update On The Money He Invested In Stocks

By Lauren Smith,


Lunchbox is finally investing in some stocks!

Bobby Bones and Amy each gave Lunchbox $30 dollars, plus $30 of his own money to invest in the stock market. So, $90 total. And he shared that he’s finally bought some stock!  His first investment was in Tesla. He bought .00003 of a share for $5.35. He wanted to see how well it performs before he invests anymore in Tesla, and as of now, he’s up twenty cents.

Morgan suggested two stock options for him to buy: Apple and AMC Theaters. He bought $10 of Apple and got .065434 shares. And he bought an entire share of AMC Theaters. So far, it looks like he’s made a little over $5.

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