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Mom Shares Important Message About the Reality of Babies Crying on Planes

By Nicole Pomarico,


There are a lot of annoying parts of flying , but lately, it seems like people have been ranking babies crying as their number one far more often than they once did. Unfortunately, it's one of those things that's impossible to avoid — babies are people, too, after all, and they also get to exist in public spaces. And we can pretty much guarantee that no matter how much hearing a baby cry on a plane is stressing you out, the parent of that baby is even more stressed out that their kid might be disturbing other passengers.

The next time you fly and get a bit ticked off a baby is screaming, you might want to keep the words of this mom on TikTok, @itsme_abbye , in your mind. In situations like this one, empathy truly is key.

She shared a video of herself on a plane, and we can hear a baby crying in the background. The OP revealed that the mom of the baby in question seems to be traveling herself, and she wanted to offer to help her, but didn't want to be seen as "creepy" or overstep any boundaries.

Instead, she used the opportunity to issue an important reminder to her followers.

"Be kind to parents with babies on flights," she said. "Those babies are people too and those parents are doing their best."

It's so true — nobody wants to be the parent who has the crying baby on the plane. Remember this next time you travel, and bring your empathy (and maybe some noise canceling headphones) when you board.

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