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Where to find the new Nitro Drift in Fortnite

By Ryan Woodrow,


The Fortnite Nitro Drift is one of the most enjoyable cars to ride around in, so here's where to find one

The Nitro Drift (or Nitro Drifter) is a new car added to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. As the name suggests, it has both nitro boost and drifting capabilities, making it an extremely fun vehicle to play around with. It’s not all about joy riding though, as the Fortnite weekly challenges for Week 1 require you to find one such car and destroy objects with it.

It’s not the easiest thing to track down and requires a little luck, so we’ll tell you where you should look to get your hands on a Fortnite Nitro Drift .

Where to find a Nitro Drift in Fortnite?
Fortnite MEGA City is the prime location for a Nitro Drift.

In short, the closer you are to MEGA City, the more spots there are where a Nitro Drift can spawn. We don’t have the exact stats, but in our experience, Nitro Drifts are reasonably common spawns in MEGA City . However, if you don’t fancy city life there are other good locations.

The racetrack north of MEGA City is an especially good location to check, as there are more car spawns than any other location. Pretty much anywhere that can spawn cars in this southeastern biome has a chance to spawn the Nitro Drift. We have also found one at locations like gas stations in the neutral green biome that runs across the middle of the map.

Where you should never bother looking are the autumnal and winter biomes in the northern half of the map, as we’ve never seen a Nitro Drift spawn in these biomes.

How to drift in a Fortnite Nitro Drift?
You'll need to drift into objects to complete this week's Fortnite challenges.

In the real world, drifting is a fine art that takes many hours of practice to get good at. This is Fortnite though, so we don’t have time for that. When you enter a Nitro Drift you’ll see on the left-hand side of the screen some button prompts will appear, one of which is labeled “Drift”. You need to build up a bit of speed, then turn and press the Drift button – it’s that easy.

To complete the Week 1 challenge you need to destroy 25 objects while drifting or boosting in a Nitro Drift , so find a crowded area with plenty of stuff to drift through and you’ll complete this challenge in no time.

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