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City to replace water main on Maple Avenue

By Chris Crook, Zanesville Times Recorder,


ZANESVILLE − Short term inconvenience for long term relief is how Zanesville Public Service Director Scott Brown described plans to replace a stretch of water main on Maple Avenue.

With the Ohio Department of Transportation scheduled to pave the length of Maple Avenue in August, Zanesville City Council passed an ordinance allowing the line replacement as an emergency Monday night to speed the process along.

Council authorized $500,000 for the project, which will replace about 1,200 feet of eight-inch line from Bell Street to Princeton Avenue. The line serves McDonalds and the Maple Terrace Apartments, among other businesses.

The city will purchase the supplies for the project, with the hope of advertising bids by April 1 and awarding them by May 1. The work would need to be done by mid-August to stay ahead of ODOT crews. Brown said he expects to the project to be done by directional boring rather than digging up the entire roadway. Buying the materials before the project is bid out saves time because a company isn't going to buy supplies for a project until it knows it has won a bid, so having the supplies awarded now will save a significant amount of time, Brown said.

The line has had several breaks in the past year, Brown said. Members of council agreed replacing a troublesome line rather than tearing up fresh pavement makes sense.

With all the steps between engineering, surveying, designing and the legislation required, Brown said a project like this usually takes about a year from planning to completion, and he expects this one to be finished in about nine months. "We have spent several hours with our engineer in the last week going over all the final details to make sure we are on target, time wise," he said.

"It will be a short term inconvenience so people aren't constantly delayed by water breaks," Brown said.



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