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HPAC Awards of Merit honor preservation advocates

By Citizen Staff,

(From left) John Hoogakker, Mark Perreault, Howard Eberly, and Parker Agelasto. (Patty Kruszewski/Henrico Citizen)

On March 9, Henrico’s Historic Preservation Advisory Committee presented the 2022 Awards of Merit in a ceremony held at Dorey Recreation Center. Sponsored by Henrico County Division of Recreation and Parks, the awards ceremony honors individuals and groups for their efforts to preserve and promote Henrico County heritage.

Henrico Director of Recreation and Parks John Zannino opened the ceremony with welcoming remarks, which were followed by comments from HPAC Chairman John Shuck and Board of Supervisors Chairman Frank Thornton.

Among this year’s honorees were John Hoogakker, who led corporate fundraising efforts for the Meadow Farm Museum historical programming kitchen and worked with the county through the project’s completion, and Parker Agelasto, who facilitated the purchase, protection and stewardship of more than 1,000 acres of the county’s historically significant landscape. Other honorees included Mark and Karen Perreault, for renovation of the 19th-century mill house and its outbuildings at Fussell’s Mill on the Second Deep Bottom Battlefield site, and Howard Eberly, for ongoing stewardship and preservation of a nationally significant historical landscape – including a gift of 28 acres at Four Mile Creek Farm to perpetual trust.

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