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I paid $52 to rent a private room at a NYC airport for an hour. It was so great, it made me forget I was in LaGuardia.

By Jade Garnett,

The suites are in LaGuardia's newly renovated Terminal B.
  • I paid $52 to spend an hour in one of LaGuardia Airport's Minute Suites, which are private rooms .
  • The suite was an ideal work setting, as it was quiet, had plenty of outlets, and offered free Wi-Fi.
  • I enjoyed my time there. However, I didn't love the decor, and it's way too small for large groups.
On a recent trip out of LaGuardia Airport, I paid $52 to rent a private room for an hour.
I'd never rented a private room in LaGuardia prior to this trip.

I'm a frequent flyer with family all over the country, and on a recent trip out of New York's LaGuardia Airport to see my sister in Florida, I visited the Minute Suites Express for the first time.

Located in LaGuardia's Terminal B, which is one of the largest renovations to come out of the airport's $8 billion transformation , the private suites are available to rent for work or relaxation purposes.

Airports in Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte,  Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Detroit also have Minute Suites. Some are more wellness-focused and have features including showers and daybeds.

I booked my suite by contacting an email address I found on Minute Suites' website. Within minutes, I received an email from the team confirming that I'd successfully reserved the suite in LaGuardia for the date, time, and duration I requested.

Here's what it's like to rent one of the suites in LaGuardia.

All five of the suites are in the airport's glossy Terminal B.
The private rooms are in a prime location.

My Southwest Airlines flight departed out of Terminal B, which was convenient since it's where the suites are located.

As soon as I made my way through security and descended the escalators, I saw a sign for the suites in the Bowery Bay Shops , which are near LaGuardia's famous water fountain.

When I approached the desk at the entrance, a nice employee greeted me and explained everything I needed to know during my stay, mentioning that I could extend it past 60 minutes for a small fee. After all, the suites in LaGuardia are open from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

I told him I would stay for the hour and paid for my session, which was $52.

LaGuardia has five suites, and each one is named after a different New York City borough.
The names are on the outside of the rooms.

The employee took me to my suite, which was named after Staten Island.

These five Minute Suites are the only ones in LaGuardia, and they're all Express versions, meaning none have showers or beds.

As soon as I walked in, I saw two armchairs with pillows, some decor, and a mirror.
There's plenty of room inside for one person.

Overall, I was pleased with the room and its amenities.

The vibe felt a little sterile and outdated, but the space was still very nice. It reminded me of a corporate hotel or a waiting room in a doctor's office.

When I turned around, I saw a decently sized desk, a chair, and a TV.
The desk was spacious enough for me to fit my laptop and other belongings on it.

The suite had plenty of outlets, and the complimentary Wi-Fi was great.

I was thrilled about these features, as I needed a place to charge my devices and an internet connection to get work done .

I used the dimmer to soften the lights and sat at the desk to work before my flight. I had no trouble staying focused and comfortable during my hour-long stay, especially since the office chair was very comfortable and provided good support.

Thanks to the private suite, I could dedicate my full attention to my job — making phone calls without background noises and using the Wi-Fi — while also being in an airport.

Underneath the desk, there was a small fridge filled with delicious drinks.
There were soft drinks and bottles of water inside.

The fridge would come in handy if I planned on staying in the room for longer than an hour.

The drinks weren't complimentary, and they ranged in price. For example, a bottle of Diet Coke cost $3, and a bottle of Perrier cost $5.

There was also a basket of snacks on the desk.
I could've also brought food from home or the terminal inside the room.

Beside the basket, I found a card displaying prices for the snacks and drinks , which were à la carte.

There were multiple types of trail mixes, candies, and chips that ranged in price from $2 to $8.

Once I finished working, I watched some Netflix and got so comfortable that I extended my stay.
I logged into my Netflix account using the suite's Apple TV.

I ended up turning on some white noise, which drowned out background sounds, and enjoying a quick nap.

When I had about five minutes left in the suite, I realized I wasn't at all ready to check out. I felt so comfortable and relaxed, sort of like I was in my bedroom at home.

Being in the private suite made me momentarily forget that I was in an airport, which was a great feeling.

I still had about 30 minutes before my flight started boarding when my hour ran out, so I asked to stay an additional 15 minutes. Since there was no one waiting for my room, the attendant was kind enough to let me stay longer for free.

The checkout process was simple, and I wrote down suggestions about how to elevate the decor.
My experience in the suite was wonderful, but the decor was outdated.

I grabbed a service card on my way out of the room and jotted down some comments and suggestions.

I gave everything except the room's ambiance a five-star rating.

The lights were far too bright, even when I dimmed them. They made the room look white, and I would've preferred a more natural, relaxing color.

What's more, the suite's color scheme looked a little dated and cold to me. I think trading the blues, purples, grays, and whites for more natural colors — like greens, browns, and tans — would be much more pleasant.

After I wrote down my notes, I checked out with the employee. It was such a seamless, enjoyable experience.

The suites are wonderful for working travelers, but I'd probably only rent one if I was on the clock.
I really enjoyed my time in the suite and got a lot done during my time there.

The suites are great for people who have to work as they travel, as these rooms provide a quiet space to plug in devices and take calls .

I could also see the room being a good fit for couples or friends that want to separate themselves from the hustle and bustle of a busy airport. It's a phenomenal way to get some alone time and start relaxing before your vacation.

However, I'm not sure I'd spend the money to rent one if I was traveling solo and wasn't on the clock. I also wouldn't recommend renting this space if you're traveling with kids . It can comfortably fit two people with their luggage, but I think it could feel claustrophobic with more than that.

Overall, I enjoyed this experience. The service was lovely, and I had a great time from the moment I stepped into the suite to the moment I left for my gate.

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