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Maybe the rubes are catching on to Mark Finchem's election panhandling schtick

By Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic,


Opinion: Lately, I get the feeling that Mark Finchem's well-used tin cup has a hollow ring to it. That the 'patriots' may finally have awakened and realized they've been taken for a ride.

Arizona Republic

Alas, all good grifts must eventually end, and it appears that Mark Finchem’s days as a political panhandler may be just about over.

Last week, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge sanctioned Finchem for his “groundless” lawsuit claiming he was robbed in last year’s election.

So, of course, this week Finchem is pulling out his trusty tin cup, begging the MAGA faithful once again to dig deep and give, give, GIVE.

“I was hit with sanctions by a liberal judge because I challenged the stolen election results,” he tweeted on Monday. “The judge never heard my evidence in court & slapped me with sanctions as payback. I’m appealing but need $120k to take this all the way to the US SCOTUS.”

It’s worth pointing out that the “liberal judge”, Melissa Iyer Julian, is a Republican, appointed to the bench by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey.

It’s also worth pointing out that Finchem lost his bid for secretary of state by more than 120,000 votes. And that his own attorney, Daniel McCauley, predicted that he might be disbarred for bringing the lawsuit, what with state law frowning upon lawyers who bring meritless claims.

Trump attorney is in trouble for her claims

Also worth noting?

Finchem’s entire claim to fame – that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and that he, the self-proclaimed “Election Integrity Patriot” is here to fix it – is fast unraveling right before his avaricious eyes.

Remember former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis? She endorsed Finchem’s campaign for secretary of state, calling him “one of the select few people who was willing to seek truth during the Nov 2020 election hearings.”

Last week, Ellis was censured by Colorado attorney regulators after admitting she repeatedly made 10 false statements about the many ways in which the 2020 election was stolen. Ellis, like Finchem, claimed she had “overwhelming” evidence of election fraud.

Among those claims, her December 2020 accusation on Fox News that “we have over 500,000 votes (in Arizona) that were cast illegally … .”

Finchem faces sanctions after filing lawsuit

Or, as it turns out, not.

Ellis is just the latest pro-Trump attorney to be penalized for her efforts to undermine democracy.

Finchem isn’t an attorney so he can’t be censured but he can be sanctioned.

Cue Judge Julian’s ruling, ordering Finchem and his attorney to pay the legal costs of the lawsuit for Secretary of State Adrian Fontes and Gov. Katie Hobbs, who was secretary of state at the time of the election.

'Groundless' election challenge:Mark Finchem ordered to pay sanctions

“The Legislature enacted A.R.S. § 12-349 to discourage lawsuits for which there is nolegitimate basis in fact or law,” she wrote. “Yet in election matters, Arizona’s courts have emphasized thatsanctions should be awarded only in rare cases, so as not to discourage legitimate challenges. This is such a case.”Meanwhile, Finchem continues shaking down the rubes.

Fundraising pleas, allegations continue

Two weeks ago, he had his hand out, citing “bombshell” (read: evidence-free) testimony in a legislative hearing claiming Hobbs, Fontes and others are on the take from the Sinaloan drug cartel.

“I am continuing to fight in the courts and need $12,300 this week ... ,” he wrote.

Last week, it was Judge Julian’s smackdown.

“I was just hit with sanctions by a judge who is doing the bidding of the Marxists and is covering for a candidate who was installed with FTX money laundered through Ukraine ... ,” he tweeted. “Please contribute ....”

These days, I get the feeling that Finchem’s well-used tin cup has a hollow ring to it. That the “patriots” may finally have awakened and realized they’ve been taken for a ride.

Finchem chastises followers over $380

Consider Monday evening’s fundraising pitch, in which Finchem chastised the MAGA masses for not continuing to fork over money.

“I am really worried,” he wrote. “I have been writing to you about escalating concerns with Cartel Katie and Fontes the Fraud. The evidence is mounting against them that everything they have ever done is a fraud and a crime, and yesterday our Legal Fund raised just over $380.

“This just won’t work. It is unacceptable. We are in the midst of one of the greatest legal fights of the twenty first century, and we cannot continue if we have another day like this. $380 just won’t cut it.”

Alas, it seems the Great Grift just isn’t the lucrative enterprise it used to be.

Reach Roberts at Follow her on Twitter at @LaurieRoberts.

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