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Woman Shares Why People Should Be Changing The Sink Aerators At Least Once a Year

By Haley Mast,


A kitchen sponge is dirtier than a toilet seat and thud should be replaced once a week. Toothbrushes hold and lock onto bacteria, and should be replaced every two to three months. A toilet brush should be swapped out and changed every six months for optimal bathroom health., and hand and body towels should be washed or swapped out every two days.

There are a lot of common household things that many people don’t realize should be replaced as frequently as they are recommended to be. And it might surprise you that there are certain things that need replacing that you didn’t even know necessarily know about. TikToker and cleaning expert @tidycademypro let us in on a little secrete of one swap that should definitely be done yearly and when you see why I guarantee you’ll be running to the hardware store for a replacement.


This is nasty 🤢 It is recommended to replace your sink aerators every year and clean it twice a year. If you’re moving into a new home I highly suggest replacing all of these! #cleantok #cleaning #cleaninghack

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A faucet aerator is a cap on the tip of a sink faucet -most commonly in the bathroom sink- where the water falls out of. And if you're anything like me you put your mouth directly under the sink to sip water after brushing your teeth, wash your face out of this faucet , and use it to clean your hands.

The woman in the video who takes her off shows it full of gunk, hard water build-up, and strange goop. She gives the inside of the sink faucet a good deep clean with bleach and a toothbrush and then replaces the aerator with a newly purchased one from the hardware store.

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