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Jakobi Meyers joining the Raiders made NFL fans joke an all-time blunder was too convenient

By Robert Zeglinski,


Jakobi Meyers might be joining the Las Vegas Patriots (Raiders) to help the underrated Jimmy Garoppolo turn them around, but it wasn’t long ago he got caught in a stressful situation.

Back in December, the Patriots and Meyers were trying to make something out of nothing on last-second backyard football play. Meyers would find himself in the middle of a scrum, and he inexplicably tossed the ball backward. (The game was tied!)

Not only did the Raiders’ Chandler pick the lateral off, he disrespectfully stiff-armed Mac Jones on the way to scoring one of the most stunning game-winning touchdowns in NFL history. The play was so bad on Meyers’ part that we legitimately wonder if it isn’t one of the most boneheaded football decisions we’ve ever seen.

With Meyers now unrelatedly in Las Vegas, NFL fans joked that perhaps his lateral to give the Raiders a win was a bit of an “inside job” before free agency. (Of course, it wasn’t, obviously.)

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