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3 out of 4 Americans regret moving last year

By Staff,


According to a recent survey by Home Bay, three out of four Americans say they had regrets about relocating last year.

Regrets include unexpected costs, the hassle of moving, missing items lost in the move, or simply not liking the new home, according to 1,000 survey respondents who relocated in 2022.

Here are the top reasons Americans regret moving to a new home in 2022:

  1. I wish I moved to a bigger place: 20%
  2. I miss my old home: 20%
  3. I wish I got rid of more stuff: 19%
  4. It was too much of a hassle: 19%
  5. It took too long: 18%
  6. It was too expensive: 17%
  7. The move negatively impacted my relationship(s): 17%
  8. Items went missing: 17%
  9. I don’t like my new home: 15%
  10. I wish I moved to a smaller place: 15%

The survey also noted that the most popular state people moved to was Florida.

The state most people moved from was California.

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